The Flowering Plum

Early Sunday morning, as the sun was peeking though an overcast sky
my plum tree beckoned.

Sharing a short post before we head up for a visit to the 
"rainy city," soon to be "home."

Thank you for being here. 
Be back soon, 


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carol l mckenna said…
Your photography is exquisite ~ well done ~ thanks, carol (A Creative Harbor) ~ linked w/ Creative Exchange
TexWisGirl said…
safe travels, dearie!
Sandies' Patch said…
Lovely to see signs of Spring.
Lovely Photography too.

Have a great week,

Sandie xx
Lisa Gordon said…
Such a beautiful sign of spring Becca!
I love to photograph these, and I sure hope to be seeing them soon.

You have a wonderful trip, and I'll see you when you return.

Thank you so very much for sharing with us today at The Creative Exchange.

Have a great evening!

Lorraine said…
Spring is definitely on the way!!!
genie said…
Such a beautiful series of captures. The colors are so nice. You really did use the lighting to your advantage. Hope you have a wonderful trip. Know you will be taking lots of pictures. genie
Judy S. said…
It's nice to see a healthy plum tree! Ours fell over during the big snow, and we're hoping it'll recover. A few local trees have buds and witch hazel is in full bloom as are prim roses. We've see a few crocuses also, but right now it's a cold snap! Bring a warm jacket!
Unknown said…
I just love seeing plum trees in bloom.. Your photos are so pretty. I do hope you have a great trip..

Hugs, Linda
Lesley Edmonds said…
Lovely photos Becca. Spring still not quite arrived here yet! Have a good trip.
Torunn said…
So beautiful Becca! Lovely pictures. Have a nice day.
Lisa Graham said…
Okay, I am going to have to get this music for my iPod...Patrick O' lovely. I love the echoing piano in it.

I am thinking of are probably high in the sky right now reading your Sky Mall. : )
Crafting Queen said…
Lovely photos. Love your ginger cat!
Pamela said…
There are four of these trees in front of my childhood home! On my wedding day I have a photo of me coming out of the house and they were all in bloom! I was married in May.
I hope you have a great time in Seattle and find your dream home Becca! I have been so sick since last Friday!

Pamela xo
Gillian Olson said…
It is lovely to see the cherry trees blooming. Hope your visit goes well, it's a bit cooler up here.
How lovely, Becca! Looks like spring! It is pouring rain here and coating everything with ice...hope you have a great time in your rainy city... XO
Beautiful photos.

Regards and best wishes
Beautiful images. Makes a gray day look good. Have a wonderful trip. Tammy
Tracy said…
LOVE this sugary sweet blossom goodness, Becca! Wishing you safe & very happy travels to your soon-to-be hometown. :o) ((HUGS))
Karen Mae said…
Oh, you've restored my faith that spring will arrive here too!
thanks, Karen

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