Sun Breaks in the Forecast

Just another "sunny" November day in Seattle. :-)

No seriously, it really was a lovely, sunny day! 
I  love to visit here this time of year to get my "autumn color fix." 

So, what do people do in Seattle when the sun is shining? 
Well, a lot of people had the same idea as go for a walk in the park.

This beautiful park is in Bellevue, Washington which is about 9 miles East of Seattle. 

I started walking, surround by hues of gold, green, orange and red.
Park benches were everywhere.  
The sun felt warm on my face.

Many of the benches had plaques.  
I photographed this one because it was the year I was born. 

The sound of running water all around the walking path. 

It looked like the ducks were enjoying the sunny day as well. 

Leaves everywhere! 
I wanted to jump and kick my feet in these little piles, but decided the person that was trying to rake the leaves into these neat, little piles would not be very amused. :-)

For a second, the grass didn't even look real to me.  
I had to take a closer look.
Very real, and it's not even a golf course!

Thank you for letting me share this sunny, November day with you. 
See, it really doesn't rain ALL the time in Seattle. :-)

I'm also sharing my walk with Lisa Gordon's 
do drop by and take a peek. 

I will be enjoying a restful week at home in Las Vegas with my sweet hubby.
Hopefully I can get in to my art room and play a little too. 
Wishing all of my friends in the US a Happy Thanksgiving, and a wonderful week to all! 



Rosie Grey said…
This does look beautiful, Becca! Such wonderful colours and I can absolutely relate to why you love that :-) Have a wonderful week!
TexWisGirl said…
gorgeous scenes! laughed at the thought of you scattering those leaf piles all over the place! :)
Anonymous said…
Beautiful pictures!:)
Have a great week!
Anonymous said…
Oh what gorgeous views Becca. Their foliage is far more sparkling than purs was this year! Bellavue looks positively lovely. We have relatives south of Seattle, might have to go there some day. xox Corrine
Lisa Gordon said…
What a beautiful series of photographs this is Becca! Those trees in the first image are absolutely gorgeous. So much gold all in one place.

Thank you so much for sharing at The Creative Exchange.

Sending you wishes for a beautiful Thanksgiving!

Sherri B. said…
Stunning photos! Oh, how I wish I lived near this beautiful park. I'd walk there every day! Thank you for sharing.
Catherine said…
Beautiful colours and pictures!
Lisa Graham said…
Lovely photos! The fountain photo is so crisp. Looks like you have had a wonderful time. One of these days I would love to see Seattle and do some hiking.

Happy Thanksgiving Becca!
O M G Becca - you're really not kidding when you say color fix!! This is where I really get to miss Fall in all it's glory (everything is turning green here in Greece) - those golden hues and the reds... sigh!
Thank you for sharing those glorious images.
P.S. Lucy is a real little stunner - she looks just so gorgeous!
Kmcblackburn said…
Visiting from "The Creative Exchange". Now THAT is some serious fall color! Just gorgeous! Enjoy the weather and Happy Thanksgiving.

Unknown said…
Looks like a wonderful place. Such beautiful photos.

Hugs, Linda
GardenOfDaisies said…
Such a pretty park. I love the golden light from the sun shining on the trees.
Happy Thanksgiving, Becca.
It is SO beautiful there, Becca! Enjoy your time with your hubby and Happy Thanksgiving!
Judy S. said…
Nice photos, Becca! I was intrigued by "your" bench because the park wasn't there before the mid eighties. The city had a contest to choose the architects; it was a firm from Milwaukee, WI. (my hometown) They have ice skating in the park in the winter!
Catherine said…
So many beautiful colors and warmth here Becca! I have white cold snow. It's all very sad really.

xo Catherine
Diane said…
Beautiful photos Becca! I wish I was there right now.
When my daughter lived near there a few years ago, we went to visit her the week after Christmas, and we went to Seattle--it was a gorgeous day in January!
As a matter of fact the whole week we were there--it was sunny--my daughter told me that it was VERY unusual weather for that time of year.... :)
Unknown said…
I enjoyed your beautiful pictures. Have fun in Seattle. I have many relatives in Washington and spent many happy vacations in that state.
Gillian Olson said…
Beautiful pictures, it's great to have the sun, however briefly, this time of year.
Marji said…
Wow, you hit a perfect day. Of course be a Seattlite myself I am a little biased, but.. I really do believe it is one of the prettiest cities in the world when the sun shines. I'm so happy that you had such a perfect day.
Beth Niquette said…
Hello, Becca! I have so thoroughly enjoyed your blog. Thank you for sharing your talent here--I just love it.

I have featured your art, photography and blog as one of five inspiring artists in this week's FATuesday Artist Spotlight.

Thank you so much. I LOVE your work!
Brianne said…
Absolutely gorgeous photographs, Becca. As you thought the grass looked unreal, I thought the male duck looked like a decoy, painted perfectly! That female seems to think so. I guess when the "Washington" Sun shines it shines it light most brilliantly on all objects casting the hues that your photographs picked up so well. As a matter of fact, the whole week and a half I was In Seattle (Everett) in April one year, it was a sun-shinny week. Maybe, someone is telling us differently about Washington to keep so many people from moving there.... Enjoy your Thanksgiving with your husband and your art. Peace.
Lorraine said…
love your photos lovely
WOW! Those colors are breathtaking! Thank you for sharing your walk with us. :)
Unknown said…
gorgeous pictures!!!I love that park :)

sorry to say though, that all of those leaves have blown away in this week's stormy weather .... weather which has a completely different beauty all it's own :)

Happy Thanksgiving!
Tracy said…
Such lovely paths lined with gold and copper...what a beautiful park! Loving every moment...*sigh*...Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving, Becca :o) ((HUGS))
Anonymous said…
Beautiful fall captures, esp that orange tree... that one really pops! =)
Pat said…
Looks like you had a beautiful day to visit the park!
Linda said…
Really beautiful photos!!
Georgianna said…
I'm so pleased that you had some sunshine when you were here. The autumn color was really wonderful. I'm afraid it's quite miserable and rainy now, though!

Wishing you a relaxing and lovely Thanksgiving, Becca. Hope to see you soon. xo – g
Beautiful park; gorgeous trees; wonderful walk! :) When I was about 12, I slid into a pile of leaves and a right onto a branch that sliced the inside of my leg. Still have the scar to prove it. :/ Happy day to you! Tammy
Such a beautiful park. The autumn colours and lush green grass are a delight to the eyes.

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