Creative Time

I'm taking another on line workshop from 
This time it's an Art Journaling Workshop called  
She Had Three Hearts 

Christy has already given us so many fun ideas for texture, color, transfers, and it's only the first week! 
Here's  one of my pages so far. 

I used watercolor pencils,  Neocolor Wax Pastels, acrylic paints & transfers.
I'm not sure I'm finished with this page,  in fact I haven't added my journaling yet, 
but so far it's been so much fun creating! 

(top moon face from the Graphics Fairy)

This is just an 8X10 mixed media collage canvas I started a couple of weeks ago.  
I'm not really too happy with the results here, but for me it's been more about the adventure and 
learning to apply different medias to canvas. 

I've decided to call this 

Crescent Moon at Dusk

Finally, this was the last She Art Girl I completed a while back from Christy's last Workshop.
I made this one for a friend that really adores Vintage Trailers. 

Well friends, the weekend is finally upon us!
I feel like I haven't  had much time lately to just read blogs, so I'm looking forward to a long holiday weekend to get caught up with all of you! 

Thank you for dropping by! 
I'll be around for a visit soon. 



You are really doing some wonderful pieces, Becca! The class sounds creative and fun! Hope you have a nice, relaxing weekend!
Anonymous said…
Amazing works Becca!
Have a nice weekend,kisses:)
Diane said…
I love Christy's new class, but I haven't had much time to do anything with it. She's so darn generous with sharing all of her techniques. Love, love, love what you've done----all of these!
Your pages are beautiful! I want to work on an art journal this year...but lately I've been sewing and I can seem to do both! lol ♥
lilylovekin said…
I LOVE your journal page, we are always so critical of our own work. Good for you for getting out of your comfort zone. Have a nice holiday week-end.
Caterina Giglio said…
that is what I am doing, getting caught up... love your crescent moon at dusk!
Tammie Lee said…
these are all wonderful, cheerful and beautiful to look at!
Simon said…
I like these pieces, especially drawn to that moon image. The colours are so joyful. The workshop you're attending sounds like loads of fun.
Pamela said…
Are you even aware of your incredible talent? OMG Becca that moon face is beautiful!!! Wow!

I love that vintage trailer and just yesterday i was saying to Ray how i would love to get one! What a small world!
Martha Lever said…
These are great! Love the She ARt Girl too! Have a wonderful weekend.
Ohmygosh Becca, they are fabulous. I love the crescent moon picture. Fantastic job on all of them. Enjoy your weekend my friend:)
Unknown said…
I love it Bec... Your pages look Awesome. And of course I love the trailer.. Looks like you are having a lot of fun!!!

Hugs, Linda
Lynn said…
I love everything you have shown us here, especially love texture on canvas art, I havn't done that in a while. I have also enjoyed browsing around, your photography is beautiful. Thanks for visiting and have a great weekend :)
Catherine said…
I really like the results of your artwork Becca! And how cute is it that you made one for your friend ~ very sweet!

I hope you are having a terrific long-weekend. Our long weekend in Canada was last Monday ~ but I have this Monday off as a holiday too ~ hooray! One more day free! :)

xo Catherine
I think it all looks amazing! I really need to get up the nerve to try an online class. You are inspiring me to give it a try. I'm back creating at my old blogspot address. Come by and say Hi when you get a minute. Patty
Lisa Gordon said…
You are amazing Becca!!!
I love them all, but "Crescent Moon" is my favorite.
Have a wonderful weekend my friend!
Stopping by from Ain't for City Girls. I just love your artwork. It has so much life, and the colors really make it pop!
Marji said…
I LOVE your art journal pages. Really beautiful work. The moon can be such an inspiring subject. Well done!
Tania Palermo said…
What wonderful creations. I want to soak up all the colors and textures...
ELK said…
beca you captured on paper the joyful essence of the moon ....
Lovely pages! Well done... each detail is precious on its own...and the cumulative effect - marveillous!
Lorraine said…
really like the vibrant colours of these and the hidden gessoed bird glad you have enjoyed my little videos it was fun to make them and hopefully they will help others to be free and just go for it and have fun which was my intention
Anonymous said…
Fan - tastic! Wow, the fiber moon really is terrific and the whole atmosphere of these pieces is like looking at your photos. xox Corrine

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