Rainy Day Please Stay

Hi friends! 
For those of you that see this "rainy stuff" all the time and are tired of it,  I am sorry and I hope you'll humor me as I post about this rare and rainy day we had today. 

It was the perfect day to get home from work early, and enjoy one of these.
(My hubby was home too and made us both a cup) 

I also thought it would be a fun time to photograph this little canvas collage I made last week. 
Everything I used here was "found papers." 

So, like I said, it is pretty rare here to get a day of rain in fact I think the last good rain was in December.
I remember because I usually do a post about it! LOL 

See, while I was out there, the sun had already begun to shine.

A big thank you to those of you that commented for my giveaway.
You still have time if you would like to be entered, just leave me a comment 

Oo! Gotta run, it's starting to rain again! LOL :-)
Be back soon...



Pamela said…
I'm glad you got your rain Becca!!
My friend Carol is headed your way tomorrow and today she said she hopes it is hot!! Her home is on Beverly hills drive?
Great photos and i love the rose with the rain drops!!
This week we have rain in the forecast so come on over!!!

Has really not rained since December? Wow!
Unknown said…
I am loving this rain.. We got some n but probably not as much as you guys on that side of town.. I Looooove your little canvas.. Too Cute..

I will Chat with you soon!!

Hugs, Linda
GardenOfDaisies said…
Don't ya wish we could share our weather with others?
I thinks those folks along the swollen and flooded Mississippi River would gladly send some water your way. And you would be happy to send some sunshine up to Minnesota when their winter seems endless.
Such beautiful photos, Becca...I have always loved rainy days! We had a thunderstorm here today, and it is making everything so green!
Jill G. said…
Gorgeous images! We haven't had rain in so long- I miss it! I really love the first shot and the drip rings image! Thanks for sharing these- I can at least enjoy an online rainstorm!
Dorthe said…
Becca- what a beautiful rainy day- and your photoes, showes it so very much.
We can use some rain here, too- even there are not that long between the drops-it has been a long time since last rain.
Rosie Grey said…
You make the rain look really beautiful, Becca, and I'm glad that you enjoy it so much! We had a few nice and sunny days here but rain is predicted for the next days - and then I will think of you! :-) I love your collage by the way!
Lisa Gordon said…
These are wonderful photographs Becca, and I love your collage!
It looks like I am going to have a whole weekend of rain, so I will gladly send you some if you'd like more! :-)

Have a fantastic Wednesday!
Lorraine said…
rain rain go away but stay in Vegas for another day..love that coffee canvas hope you put it up in your kitchen as its ace
Alina said…
Dear Becca, it's been a while since I had a chance to visit you. I can't wait to check on the other posts and the fantastic photos! Glad you enjoyed a rainy day, the images are just incredible. Thank you for stopping by, it's always a pleasure to hear from you. XO
Anonymous said…
Oh I just love all of your photos...they are sharp and actually quite romantic!

thanks for sharing! and also for visiting with me the other day...

ciao bella

creative carmelina
Becky Shander said…
Beautiful Becca...every drop of it!
Georgianna said…
I'm so glad you enjoyed the rain, Becca. I will refrain from further comment since we've been soaked this year. :)

Your beautiful photos really capture the magic of the afternoon. And I can appreciate it as it is sunny and warm today in Seattle. My sister is in Vegas this weekend and says the weather is lovely there, too!
Halle said…
Your photos are once again outstanding!
And the collage is awesome!!
christina said…
coffee and rain! yes mam!

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