Wishing you a Happy Mother's Day filled with love. 



Anonymous said…
Love the waves in the hair. The ladies used to work so hard to get that look didn't they. Lots of pincurls I suppose.

Happy Mother's Day!
Becca, Happy Mother's Day to you! Gorgeous shots...
such beautiful photos today!!! i love the vintage that your mother? she is lovely.

happy mothers day,
lilylovekin said…
Your mother looked like a movie star!!!
Pamela said…
Your mom was gorgeous Becca! You look just like her!
I just sent you an email!!
Love these black and white photos!!

Happy "Kitty" Mother's Day!!

Pamela xo
Donna said…
Beautiful Photography and Blog!
Love it!
Happy Mother's Day!
Pat said…
Love black and white photography.
Don't see much anymore. The rose is stunning.
Hi Becca, Love the photos, hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day weekend. hugs, Jen.
Catherine said…
Love these photos ~ classic!

Hope you had a terrific weekend Becca!
xo Catherine
Becky Shander said…
"Love" and beauty, all in one post...thank you for sharing these serene visions.
Unknown said…
These are wonderful shots.. Soooo pretty.. I love that photo of your Mom... Hope you had a nice weekend.

Hugs, Linda
Justine said…
These are so lovely, absolutely beautiful
Cora said…
I feel the beautiful softness in these photos...each of them!!
They are all gorgeous!
Lorraine said…
beautiful photos reminds me of the old movies
Oh Becca, this is lovely! Thank you for sharing!
Lisa Gordon said…
What beautiful photographs Becca! The photograph of your Mom reminds me of a photograph I have of my Mom. All of that beautifully wavy hair!

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