The Creative Exchange & more Art Journaling

This week I wanted to participate in 
The Creative Exchange

This is my newly planted 
"Julia Child" rose
A "buttery" yellow is fitting for her don't you think? 
That reminds me, I was going to bake cookies today!

Other creativeness this weekend included working in my art journal.

Transfers using gel medium and beer labels.

Ok, while cooling off in the spa this weekend drinking one of these, I started to peel the label off.
Smashed a couple of the caps too. 

Reversed the image in Photoshop then applied gel medium, put the image face down on the journal, then let it completely dry before applying water and rubbing the back to remove the paper revealing the image, fun! 

Another page I was working on is about hydrangeas.

Neocolor wax pastels, watercolors & acrylic paint. 

A fun & relaxing weekend indeed, 
how was yours? 



Lisa Gordon said…
Becca - all of these are just wonderful I especially love, love, love the rose. You captured that so beautifully. wonderful color and softness.

Thank you so much for sharing this today at The Creative Exchange.

Have a wonderful evening!


P.S. The weather has finally cleared here, so I spent most of the weekend gardening. Need some photographic material, you know!! :-)
Pamela said…
Beautiful creations again Becca!
That buttery rose is lovely!
Did you see the movie Julie and Julia? I saw it a million times...loved it!

I like the photo with the beer label very cool!!
Do you still have tomorrow Off?
Hope you are having
fun creating!!
Pamela ox
The rose is very delicate, very beautiful.
GardenOfDaisies said…
Becca, you are an amazing artist! How lucky we are to have these glimpses into your art journal. Your Julie rose is such a beautiful buttery yellow.
Anonymous said…
Beautiful works Becca!
Have a nice day.
Justine said…
every time I visit your blog I comment on how clever you are and I'm going to say it again! I absolutely love that blue, you are so creative!
andrea creates said…
these are great! love the hydrangeas :)
Leovi said…
Lovely yellow tones. Beautiful creations with excellent colors and textures are very interesting. Greetings.
Catherine said…
You are so inspiring to me Becca ~ so many lovely creations you have been making lately. The colors, the textures, the ideas ~ fantastic!

Keep it up girl!
xo Catherine
lilylovekin said…
What great graphics are on those beer bottles, one could not help but use them in a journal. Hope you have a good week at work. Lorrie
Diane said…
Love, LOVE, and LoVe!!!
Pat said…
These are lovely creations! I do like that yellow rose very much!
Anonymous said…
Those labels are so colorful and wonderful what's not love about including them in your journal. The 3d gel? on top is wonderful. xox Corrine
Unknown said…
You photo looks amazing. So soft and creamy looking..

Your pages are turning out wonderful.. Looks like fun indeed..
That is so funny you used a beer labels.. I have a couple myself I have been saving to put on something.. Hummmm I wonder what.. Hee Hee...

Hugs, Linda
Angela said…
The rose photos is gorgeous, it is almost like a painting! So beautiful. I love all these photos!
Laura lok said…
wow I love everything about all of these posts
Becky Shander said…
After seeing your hydrangea artwork and your lavender photos with cobalt accents (from a previous post,) I think blue might be your signature color.
Unknown said…
OMG that rose shot is SO amazing, very good captured:)
Anonymous said…
Such vibrant colors & the rose image is beautiful! =)
genie said…
Becca...You are a wonderful artist. I am so impressed with your work. Just to have a tiny bit of your talent would tickle me to death. You captures are superb.
Judy S. said…
Very nice, Becca. What a beautiful rose! Ours are very slow this year as it's been so cold. I don't think it will make 60today. Enjoyed your journal projects, especially the hydrangeas.
Georgianna said…
I so love all these colors, Becca!

Not much sign of our roses yet. In fact, I still have daffs and the columbine are still coming up. Very late.

Glad you had a lovely weekend. Ours was relaxed, too. :)
You are sure learning some wonderful, creative techniques, Becca! I love seeing all of your beautiful works!
I'm visiting from "Ain't For City Gals"; saw your textile art and it's pretty and appropriate. I know you're a blessing in her life.
That Kona beer is fabulous; so enjoyed seeing your art work featuring it.
genie said…
Becca...You asked about the nest macro I posted. There are no spiders in there....thank goodness.....just worm-like caterpillars that turn into moth-like things that eat the leaves on the trees. They are rampant in this area and very distractive. We cut the branches where they are when we can, and sometimes we burn them. Trust me, the nests looks just a awful up close and personal as this one does in my shot. Genie
PS...I love your work so much you now have another follower in me :-)
Hi Becca
It's Joan here from Gods Little People (thanks so much for following!). I look forward to follow your creative posts - I'm joining Christy Tomlinson's art journal course in July and simply can't wait. This will be my first encounter with the mixed media (and it'll be so exciting). Your creations are gorgeous and so inspirational!!
RURAL said…


What is gel medium? That looks like too much fun.

And can I use it on laser color copies?

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams
Unknown said…
Really cool pages! And those Kona caps are my favorite :)
Tracy said…
Hi, Becca! Lovely to be back and catching up with you here after our travels. I think we'll need the weekend to get over the jet lag and get back on track. ;o) LOVE these peeks of your latest works--and especially your abundant use of blue. Those beer labels look great with the other media! After being away from my paints & supplies two weeks, I'm itching to get back into my little studio and create! So fitting that buttery-yellow rose is named for Julia Child. It's gorgeous. I adore rose. Hoping our pink climber will revive after the hard winter wee had. Let us know what cookies you made. ;o) Happy Weekend ((HUGS))
Marji said…
These are fab! Makes me want to go sit on the beach in Hawaii! Your hydrangeas are lovely. Happy weekend!
Anonymous said…
wow, how beautiful your rose is!
Anne said…
Pamela from French Buttons told me about your blog -- its beautiful! I was taken in immediately by the picture of Julia Child -- its a fantastic rose.

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