Artsy Stuff and a Giveaway Winner!

Hi everyone! 
Before I announce the winner of my giveaway, 
I thought I'd show you what I've been up to the last few days. 
I've been fascinated with it lately and have been watching YouTube videos and reading other blogs to get tips and ideas. 

I've had these paints for a while now, but don't really use them much. 
I didn't want to waste a big sheet of watercolor paper, so I just cut little pieces and tried 
painting some flowers. 

I also got out my pastels to use along with the watercolor.

I have to say I give 
a lot of credit for just teaching us how to let go of our inhibitions and paint! 
Ever since I took her online "She Art Workshop" I've been having fun with different mediums. 

Another thing I've been doing is coffee dying some things to use in my art. 
Whenever there is a little coffee left over from the morning I save it and get out the things I'd like to dye.
My hubby calls it my "crafty coffee." 

Finally, I've had a lot of fun putting together my little giveaway package.


Kimmie of 

Send me your mailing address Kimmie, and I will get this little package sent out to you! 

A big thank you to all of you that played along.

Hope everyone has a great week, and I'll be back soon! 



andrea creates said…
your watercolours are very nice! the size reminds me of beautiful bookmarks :)
love the coffee staining idea too-
have a super weekend...
Anonymous said…
Beautiful watercolours and shots!
Diane said…
You prompt me to get out my different art mediums and actually use them--I love the watercolors!
And congratulaitons to the lucky winner!
Justine said…
These colours are lovely and vibrant, gorgeous shots!
Brenda Pruitt said…
I love your colorful artwork! And the fact that it's in "little bursts of color."
Unknown said…
That Kimmie is such a lucky gal.. Your photos look great.. Looks like you had some fun with those watercolors.. It still looks windy here.. Yuk.. I do hope it goes away today!!

Hugs, Linda
LamoreAllure said…
Hi Becca...I've been enjoying your wonderful photos so I had to tell you. You imagery has soul. Thank you for sharing with us.

Perhaps you'll visit my blog. I'm sort of a creative adventurer these days. Can't stop trying new things!

I'd be honored if you decide to follow me, too.
Linda L
Unknown said…
I was just happily reading along about the watercolor painting, thinking I ought to cut my bigger sheets into smaller ones .... And then I got to the coffee dying and thought, I need to try that, the color is so rich .... And then I got to the giveaway winner - ME - ...... Wow! You made my day!!!! I love lavender - and your sachets are so sweet! Thank you!
Pamela said…
I love the small strips you painted! They remind me of bookmarks. Lovely!
I just got the same water colour paints from my course. I will have to start doing something creative.
I haven't blogged in a week my creative well has run dry!!

I love the coffee dying idea...beautiful!!
It's raining here today Becca...just like the rainforest!!
Pamela xo
GardenOfDaisies said…
Becca, your art work and photography are always beautiful. Congratulations to Kimmie!
Catherine said…
Mmmm... I like all the colors and creativeness here today Becca!

Congratulations to the winner!

Hope you are having a happy weekend my friend!
xo Catherine
Judy S. said…
Hmmm, a new use for Starbucks? Tea works well also! It's always fun to see your creations, Becca. Kimmie is a lucky gal!
Lorraine said…
well done Kimmie...gorgeous art supplies here and I love that lace
Anonymous said…
Congrats to Kimmie, she will make great use of your lovely giveaway in her work. Isn't it marvelous to simply play in your art. Great photos of it too, as always. xox Corrine
Tracy said…
Hello! Just discovered your creative place here--your art inspires! Your watercolor pieces are lovely..And just seeing all your vibrant art supplies has my fingers itching to create. I've been a jewelry & fiber artist for sometime. But after some years of having left aside my paints & brushes, I've taken them up again and am at my easel again--and it's wonderful! I've begun sharing about this at my blog too, which as been a lot of fun. Anyway, great to meet you, and I look forward to visiting back here. Happy Days! :o)
Rosie Grey said…
Such beautiful colours, Becca - I love what you are doing!
Anonymous said…
Oh coffee staining is so much fun! I do the same thing!

that doily is just stunning, btw! I love crocheting and that pattern makes me want to pick up my thread and hook right now!

congrat's to the winner!

ciao bella!

The coffee idea is so great...I always have a little leftover! It's SO inspiring that you are trying new mediums~ I think sometimes we DO limit ourselves...your pieces are fun and colorful!
lilylovekin said…
You've been so busy. How do you find the time to do everything and go to work also?
Lisa Gordon said…
Just beautiful Becca!
You are truly so creative.

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