Sharing Some Garden Pretties

Do you know what these are? 

Well, they are all that's left of my beautiful bearded irises this year. 
If only their beautiful flowers would stick around a bit longer, but it always gives me something to look forward to each spring. 

Other things around my garden...

Agave plant
(am I the only one that thinks of tequila when I see this plant?) 

These bulbs are Star Gazer Lilies.
I had this flower in my wedding bouquet so I'm really excited to see if I can get this to grow before it gets too hot here. 

I can't believe I even found this at our nursery here in Las Vegas, it's Rhubarb!
I only planted 2 bulbs, but as you can see it's really doing well so far. 

So, what's growing in your garden?  
Do any of you have experience growing rhubarb?  I would be interested in any tips you have to offer.  

...looking forward to the weekend! 



We were out of town last week and when I got back I was shocked how many things had burst into bloom. I love spring!
Justine said…
I love your garden shots, makes me very jealous as I do miss my garden and my irises would be just coming out now.
andrea creates said…
no, sorry no rhubarb experience ;) we just planted a bunch of salad and different tomatoes and thing sin our garden the other day-can't wait for it all to be edible :)
beautiful irises!
Dorthe said…
Hi Becca,
Yes I have big Rhubarb plants in the garten- don`t do much ,as they are very eaysy to grow here. Only when the they are starting to be fat, we cut the stalk, so there will start coming new, on the same plant-they can give stalks twice a summer.
GardenOfDaisies said…
Becca, the beautiful photo's of your garden made me feel like I was there... The little droplets of water on the leaves, the tiny chinks in the pottery and the fuzzy throat of the iris. Lovely. (I'm sorry, I don't know anything about rhubarb.)
Pamela said…
Oh Becca send some heat this way please!! It's raining and damp today but the tree frogs are singing away!
Rhubarb is not my favourite but my mom always grew it and did nothing to make it grow. This grows like a weed back home. It's not uncommon to see it take over and grow anywhere. Seems to be a hardy plant.
Great photos!!
Unknown said…
Don't you just love this time of year... I just wish it would last a little longer.. You know the heat will be here soon... Your photos look wonderful..

Hugs, Linda
lilylovekin said…
No experience with rhubarb,only eating it in pies and crisps and I love it. We have tomatoes in our garden but it is not hot enough for them so they are just sitting there. I love the photo of the dried up Iris it was beautiful.
Rosie Grey said…
Such wonderful garden shots, Becca! Thanks so much for sharing as I still can't plant flowers on my balcony as it is still too cold.
Diane said…
Love seeing all of these bursts of color--thank you for sharing these awesome photos!
Caterina Giglio said…
rhubarb generally grows like a weed! love your beautiful post and the dried bearded iris are sensational!! xx
Anonymous said…
Garden BEAUTIES! LoL! =)
Halle said…
Gorgeous photos! I have nothing growing OUTSIDE yet. I have lots of seedlings started but it's just been too cold to plant anything.
Catherine said…
So many pretty things growing and happening in your garden Becca! Mine is still pretty brown with not too much happening. Though I seem to have lots and lots of little round rabbit 'droppings'. ;)

Happy Saturday friend!
xo Catherine
Lynn Stevens said…
oh my, my irises have barely just started, still cold here. Yours were so pretty.
Rhubarb goes really fast. and is wonderful with strawberries in a strawberry/rhubarb pie.
gorgeous photos!
hugs Lynn

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