Friends on Canvas

Hi friends! 
How was your weekend?

I spent part of my weekend getting ready for an on-line art class I'm taking beginning Monday.
It's called the "She Art Workshop" by 

I had so much fun just getting out all of my supplies for the workshop...paints, watercolor crayons, gel medium, papers, stencils, and other ephemera, that I couldn't wait to play! 
 Here, I used an old photo of my mother (on the right) with one of her friends from school.

I can't wait to see the techniques that Christy is going to show us.
Check out the link above for more information. 

Working with canvas and paints is something I've always wanted to do more of. 
I'm going to be out of town for a few days during the workshop though, so I'll probably be the student that's behind trying to play catch up! 

Hope all is well with you... 


Catherine said…
How fun to take an on-line art class ~ good for you Becca. We look forward to your many creations. I like what you have done so far ~ good job!

xo Catherine
lilylovekin said…
I've taken several on line classes, it is great fun to take a class in your pjs! I hope you enjoy it. This piece you did with your mother in it is just great.
What a great piece of art you created! Can't wait to see some of what you learn in your art workshop.
Pamela said…
Wow are an ARTIST!!
This is so cool.
How neat taking an on line class...your creativity is really going to bloom!!
This is so pretty, Becca~ I love all the materials used...I'm looking forward to seeing what you make in your class!
Dorthe said…
Becca, this is gorgeus, I love your flower-made from paste,of a kind--beautiful.
Diane said…
LOVE this!!! I took Christy's class, and it was one of my favorite online classes (and I've taken a lot!!) I've already signed up for her other one--you will love the class and her.
andrea creates said…
this looks great-great texture!
how fun, and have fun with your class :)
Anonymous said…
Ooooh, Becca. This is so pretty. It's subtle and the choice of colors was a good decision on your part. I really like it.


Netty said…
Oh wow Becca its gorgeous, so much texture, loving it. Annette x
I will let you do all the practice you want on my soon to be new trailer! A whole new career for your spare
Unknown said…
Your canvas looks wonderful.. A lot of texture.. I Love that.. I can't wait for the class.. I am looking forward to it... But I have a sneaky feeling that you are going to kick this girls butt at this class..

Chat with you soon,
Hugs, Linda
What a wonderful piece you created. I love the texture. Enjoy your class and your time away.
My Grama's Soul said…
This looks like it is going to be an amazing class.

Justine said…
an online art class sounds great, do you have to post pictures so everyone comments like they do on photography classes? love this artwork you have done, good luck with the course, look forward to seeing the results.
Jillayne said…
Oh my Becca - this is just stunning. Paints and canvas - how wonderful! I can't wait to see more...
Lorraine said…
love the textures on this..superb
Georgianna said…
I really, really love this, Becca!! Wow! I've always wanted to do mixed media – I will check out the link. Hope you're enjoying La Jolla! I'm heading down there in a few weeks myself. hugs, – g

p. s. You're still not missing anything with Seattle weather, ugh. Although it's supposed to get nice next week. I'm glad I had a week in the sunny Southeast as a break. :)
this is just beautiful Becca! Love the lovely texture and soft muted colors!

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