Favorite Haunts

1. To inhabit, visit, or appear to in the form of a ghost or other supernatural being.
2. To visit often; frequent: haunted the movie theaters.
3. To come to the mind of continually; obsess: a riddle that haunted me all morning.
4. To be continually present in; pervade: 

Relaxing, creating, and football this weekend, 
what are your plans? 



Justine said…
I absolutely love all your favourite haunts, what an inspired post! have a great weekend.
Unknown said…
These are wonderful shots. I love how you have captured all the neon lights, great atmosphere!
Catherine said…
Terrific photos Becca!!

Not much planned for our weekend here ~ just keeping warm is all! :)

xo Catherine
andrea creates said…
beautiful photos, as always!thanks for sharing...
my weekend? picking up my car from the shop and going to the post office-not so exciting but it will be nice to have my car back :)
have a super weekend!
Anonymous said…
Nice! Love all the sepia tones. Especially like shot 2 with the gal in the window. Great job, Becca!

Susan said…
Nice photos of some great haunts! I love the second one, I love how it’s framed and the wonderful smile you caught. Enjoy your weekend!
Anonymous said…
Beautiful pictures!!!
Kisses and nice weekend.
Pamela said…
Oh how I would love to be in that photo with you in Seattle enjoying a glass of wine!!! (Great photo of you by the way)
I can see by these photos why you love Seattle! I cannot wait to visit.

Hope you are recovering well today Becca and hopefully it was painless!
Pamela :)
Terrific haunts, love the photos. I am relaxing this weekend.
Lisa Gordon said…
Great shots Becca!
So full of gorgeous light.
For me? Hopefully a bit of rest before going back for the new semester nest week!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Judy S. said…
Great photos of our town...are you here somewhere?
lilylovekin said…
Lovely photos, did you use to live in Seattle? Or do you just dream of living there?
Kim Klassen said…
such fabulous shots becca.... each of them... your weekend sounds FAB.... 'sigh'

here, a little relaxing and a whole lotta 'working' going on......looking forward to both. :)

xxo, Kim
Wonderful images. I've added to my list of places to see.
Brenda Pruitt said…
Such phenomenal photos! Love these!
Olga said…
Thank you for the opportunity to see such wonderful moments! Indeed,keep the brilliant and beautiful photos coming.
Georgianna said…
Hee hee, I recognize a lot of my haunts, too! Lovely images. Is that you? Beautiful! – g
Numinosity said…
I guess I never had a face to put with your posts before.
I knew that Seattle is one of the places you like to visit. Me too. We tend to pass through that way frequently coming and going to and from Alaska. It helps that I have a sister there.
I'm football widowing this weekend and going to enjoy the warm wether that's converging on us. Creating and relaxing and I guess you know the rest about my art lab with some local artists.
( I may have to go out and buy some betadine for some new print projects,ha!)

xoxo Kim

PS, nice music here
Rosie Grey said…
Wow, what a great set - I love your favourite haunts! Great idea and wonderful photos!
Unknown said…
Hey There Girly, Just stop'n by to say How much I love these photo's..
A perfect way to keep the dream alive.. The editing you did here looks wonderful.. Hope you have a great Monday! Hugs, Linda

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