Counting my Blessings

I just want to wish my family, and all of my blogging friends out there who are celebrating Thanksgiving,   a very happy and joyful holiday! 
(I used textures from the Graphics Fairy, and Shadow House Creations on the above photo)

(stock photo)

I took this photo on my last flight from Seattle.
I get a little nervous flying sometimes, but I found having my camera and taking photos helped me to stay calm, not to mention a sky like this! 
Another thing I do when I fly and the turbulence scares me is look out the window and think about my's as if I'm closer to her up there.   

I love this quote, it really hit home with me this Thanksgiving holiday! 

Well, you guessed it!  I'm off to Seattle again this weekend, but this time it's to celebrate my Birthday!
Since my Birthday is on a Sunday this year, and "the hawks" are playing at home, I couldn't think of a better way to spend my day.  (hubby thinks it's pretty cool he's married to someone that wants to spend her birthday at a football game)
"Come on Seahawks!  At least give me a good game on Sunday!" LOL

Until next time...


Justine said…
hope you have a wonderful birthday in Seattle, how exciting. Love your pictures, especially the sky.
andrea creates said…
Happy thanksgiving and birthday to you :)
Jessaca said…
Great photos love the textures that you used. I will definatly take a stroll on over to Graphics Fairy and Shadow house creations.

Have a great birthday.
Anonymous said…
Happy birthday and Thanksgiving!!!
Kisses and nice weekend.
Pamela said…
Happy Thanksgiving Becca!

I love that quote too!

Have a wonderful fun Birthday on Sunday and dress warm!!!!!
Hope your team wins!
Pamela xo
Ashley Sisk said…
Love the photo out of the airplane - I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.
lilylovekin said…
Have a happy birthday and a happy Thanksgiving. My birthday is Monday we are close. Hope your Seahawks win for you.
Happy Birthday sweet girl! I am a football fan, too so this sounds perfect to me! Enjoy your Thanksgiving day! Hugs, Diane ♥
happy thanksgiving AND birthday!!!
i love that quote, so much.....
We'll be looking for you in the stands, I'm sure we'll have the game on. It'll be cold but no snow that day, that would've been fun though.
I love the picture and quote!
Happy birthday and Happy Thanksgiving!
Catherine said…
I like your photo creation with the textures. Beautiful. I watched Charlie Brown Thanksgiving last night on TV. :)

Have a good time in Seattle ~ safe trip and have fun!
xo Catherine
Lisa Gordon said…
What a lovely post Becca. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and I hope you have a fantastic birthday!!!!

Hi Becca,

Happy Birthday! Have a wonderful time at the game, and I love your pictures. Just love them!

Unknown said…
Great photos my friend. I hope you are staying warm! And I hope the hawks kick butt!

Hugs, Linda
Anonymous said…
Becca, beautiful photos! Hope you enjoyed your holiday.
Anonymous said…
Sending a bit of love your way, oh... and look how sweet Snoopy is! He's such a holiday icon.

Anonymous said…
А! أنا فقط واضاف صفحة ويب إلى المفضلة. أحب قراءة رسائلك. شكرا!
Anonymous said…
Nice post. Thanks.

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