Happy November!

Hi everyone!  
I have really been looking forward to this month.  Not only is November my birthday month, but I'm also looking forward to some other exciting possibilities!
One very important thing I'm trying to remember though, is to be "thankful."  These are difficult times for everyone, and sometimes remembering to be thankful for what we already have is not easy when you
are focused on something you want. 
Today,  I'm thankful I have the day off,  but unfortunately, I'm on my way to stand in line at the DMV to renew my drivers license.  (I wasn't really looking forward to November for that. LOL!)
Hopefully, I won't be there too long and I can get back home because I'm in the mood to do a little stitching! 
I'm also linking up to Lisa's blog for
Macro Monday
Head on over there for some really cool Macro shots!

Thanks for dropping by! 


Justine said…
what a beautiful way to start November and when is your birthday? love this shot.
Lui said…
Yes it is a happy month. A lot of special people in my life are celebrating this month too! Happy Bday to you! In advance!
Ashley Sisk said…
November is a wonderful month. Love this photo too.
Pamela said…
Hi Becca!!

I just visited your last post as I've been really sick. I love the photos of you in costumes! You look great!!
HOw much fun you must have had doing this. I love the last photo of you when you were in the theatre. You look great.
Hope you don't have to stand in line all day. I always hate having to renew my license.
Lots of exciting things coming your way I am sure!!!
Pamela xo
Jessaca said…
Love the photo so so prtty. My big tip for the DMV is get there 30 minutes before they open (if you are able to) The past couple of times that I have done this I was in and out in no time flat. Well worth the 30 mins that I waited prior to them opening.
Have a great day!!!
Kala said…
Gorgeous soft focus and color.
A great reminder, Becca! Hope your wait in line is SHORT!
Brenda Pruitt said…
I adore your photo-taking skills. You're one of my favorites, so I'm sooo glad you don't have word verification enabled! Makes a huge difference to me!
Hugs, Brenda
Lisa Gordon said…
This is so gorgeous Becca!
Unknown said…
So soft and pretty.. Perfect.
I kinda like Oct more than Nov. I bet you know why my friend..

I hope your wait at DMV wasn't to long.. Jess was there also today and waited 4 hours..

I will chat with you soon..

Hugs, Linda

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