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Hi everyone!  Wow, last week was so hectic and now, where did the weekend go? 
In between trying to get unpacked from our recent trip, and getting the laundry done,  I also wanted to do a little crafting and a blog post.  Here it is Sunday night and I'm just getting around to my post! 
I've been working on a few different things I wanted to show you, some of which are "thank-you" gifts for a couple of friends. 
The above photo is something I'm working on and not sure where I'm going with it yet, but I was inspired by something I saw on Rebecca Sower's blog.
I'm sure you've seen her work, but if you haven't, you should go over and check out her blog, and tell her I sent you.  You will surely be inspired! 

I have a stamp with this quote that I just love.   I used it on this little thank you card I made.  

I love making collage tags with tissue paper napkins, it's so easy and fun to do!  All you need is any tag from an office supply store, or cut out one of your own, some gel medium, and tissue paper and paper napkins.  I'm always on the hunt for sales on paper napkins. 

This is a little scented sachet I made, a quick and easy gift. 

I needed a small box for a little soldered charm I made, so I used one I had that said Kohl's on it (do you have those stores where you live?) and stamped on tissue paper and applied with gel medium. 

Well, my soldering still needs practice, but I love to do this!  I still can't get the smooth look, but I've decided to learn to love the bumpy look. lol! 

One of my co workers recently surprised me with this fabric.  She knows how much I love Seattle.    I make a lot of "scrub caps" for people I work with, so maybe I'll just have to make one for myself with this. 

Here's a couple of caps I made in the past for my friends at work. 
I think my friends are the ones that make the scrub caps look cute don't you? 

Finally, I wanted to tell you about a little place I visited during one of my visits to Seattle. 
Nancy's Sewing Basket

 They have lots of fabric, but the fun part is all of the embellishments they have!  
I was so thrilled to find embroidery ribbon.  I can't find it anywhere in Las Vegas.  I know you can get it on line, but it's so much more fun to see it, touch it, and choose the colors in person. 
They also had lots of seam binding and vintage laces. 
Check out their website, they even have a "ribbon room." 

I've done some embroidery, but I've never used ribbon.  Still, I couldn't resist these beautiful ribbons. 

I hope you'll forgive me if I haven't been by to visit you as often as I have in the past.  
I've been a little distracted lately.  I really hope to get caught up with all of you soon!  It's the holiday season and I'm starting to see glimpses of beautiful photos and craft projects under way! 

Enjoy your week, 


Pamela said…
What a great post Becca! Full of so much inspiration. The first photo shows two things I love...hearts and buttons!
I love your creation of gift tags. I always loved those tags and I really love pretty paper napkins. I have alot of beautiful paper napkins that I just don't want to use because they are so pretty. I have a beautiful package of red toile napkins and this would be so cool to use on the tags. Can I steal your idea? I just love it. These toile paper napkins were a gift and I have always wanted to do something with them.
Love all the coloured ribbons too. I have to get into sewing!
Pamela :)
Great post, Becca~ so many interesting and beautiful goodies! Love your bumpy solder and the cute scrub caps! Thanks for sharing!
Unknown said…
It so fun to see all your creations. Your stiching looks wonderful. I bet it was fun and relaxing to do.. That little shop looks like it would be a great place to go. If I am lucky one day I will get to visit such a place..

Take care my friend..

Hugs, Linda
Anonymous said…
Beautiful images!!!
Justine said…
what an interesting post and you are so creative and clever, these all look lovely in your beautiful shots.
andrea creates said…
what beautiful photos!
love the birds-and great idea for the kohl's box!!
so inspiring :)
Anonymous said…
Way cute scubbie hats! The girls wearing them are simply adorable too... I mean, look at those great smiles.

Neato tags too!
Alina said…
My dear girl, where do you get all that inspiration and energy from?! I loved EVERYTHING! XO
Becky Shander said…
Your little birdie tags are so cute, and so are your gal pals from was very thoughtful of you to make them special caps.
Numinosity said…
What a nice bunch of eye candy in this post. I best you'll do some marvelous things with that ribbon.
xoxo Kim
Numinosity said…
What a nice bunch of eye candy in this post. I best you'll do some marvelous things with that ribbon.
xoxo Kim
I love the tags, so pretty. I like the addition of the birdsong to the blog. Would it be Ok with you if I used it on my blog? Take care.
Jillayne said…
I love your soldered charm! I want to learn to make those so badly but there is no one around here that teaches it so I am going to have to figure this out on my own I think. I love the bumpy look too! And I will definitely check out Nancy's website - thanks for that.
Linda Vincent said…
What a feast for the eyes Becca;I had to keep going back for another look. Great work!
And bumpy soldering looks way more interesting..... :-)
Brenda Pruitt said…
Oh, please keep making these pretty treasures! Would you do a tutorial on this gel medium and the napkins and such? That's something I've never done and would love to learn. (I don't even know what gel medium is, that's how badly I need some help!)
lilylovekin said…
Love your embroidery work, it is my first love. I think it would be great with ribbon, the ribbon colors are great.
Lisa Gordon said…
Your work is so lovely! Fantastic post!
Cindy Adkins said…
Hi Becca,
Your creations are completely gorgeous!!! I love them!!
Lynn Stevens said…
Love all your creations, Real eye candy!!! Those caps are so cool. I'm sure your friends adore them!
GardenOfDaisies said…
Your bird tags are gorgeous!!

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