Puffed Hearts and early morning sunshine

This time of year it's so much easier to get up early.  The sun is up early and if you live where I do and love to be outdoors, the early mornings are the coolest time of day. 
Now that I have time off,  I can get back into a little creating/photography, so I started off simple with these little "puffed hearts." 
(I love that name, reminds me of the puffed heart necklaces from the 80's) 

Nothing fancy, I just enjoy making them. 

A few sunrise shots at my home

Thank you to everyone that left well wishes and comments on my last post.
I hope your Friday and weekend are off to a great start! 



Unknown said…
Your puffed hearts, turn out wonderful... I love the colors of both of them, and your stiching looks great! They look like they were fun to make! I would love to try to make one! So many Crafts so little time! Life is Good!

Hugs, Linda
I love creative projects like that..especially hearts! Yours are lovely and the flowers beautiful! Enjoy your day! ♥
Brenda Pruitt said…
Your hearts are so pretty! And the photography is stunning!
Beautiful photos, Becca~ I love the puffed hearts! Is that lavender in your last photo? I'm trying to grow some, but so far it's not cooperating!
love your gorgeous puffy hearts! so many beautiful details! I am a heart collecter myself! :)
Have a wonderful Sunday!
Pamela said…
Beautiful puffed hearts Becca!
I love hearts and have one of those gold puffed hearts you mentioned.
Enjoy your time off!
Pamela xo
The hearts are so cute! I love the colors of the first one. The lighting in your pictures is so pretty!
Catherine said…
I've always been an 'early bird' but summer does indeed bring such beautiful mornings with it. I love the colors in your "puffed hearts". So beautiful!

Ahhhh... the sunshine... it does a heart good doesn't it?

I hope you had a sunshiny weekend Becca! I did here ~ hence the reason I am so behind on my reading! I hope you and your love did something special for your anniversary!

xo Catherine
Pamela said…
Hi Becca

It's me again. I didn't get a chance to comment on your post on your wedding. What a stunning bride you made!! Just a gorgerous wedding. I love the photos!

Thanks for visiting my other blog.
Victoria is the capital city of British Columbia and it is located on Vancouver Island. Alot of people get confused about it. You take the ferry from the city of Vancouver to Vancouver Island where beautiful Victoria is located. I live about 30min from Victoria. I live in Crofton which has a ferry that can take you to Salt Spring Island which is beautiful and alot of famous actors and artists live there. You must contact me if you make it over.
Pamela xo
Alina said…
Those hearts are absolutely divine! (I have a thing for hearts :0) The photos are gorgeous! Glad to hear you are enjoying your free time XO
Hi Becca, I came over fron Linda's at My Happy Place...your blog is absolutely gorgeous...you girls are so crafty...could you do a post on how you learned how to do all this...do you think it is a "natural" thing or is there hope for me as a "learned" thing?
Jo Wholohan said…
love the stitching on these hearts, just beautiful xx
Anonymous said…
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