Springtime Pretties

It was beautiful this morning so I had my coffee outside and decided to take some photos of the blooming irises in the sunlight.
Can you see my leopard print "Snuggie" on the porch swing?
I'm a desert rat so I thought it was kind of cool this morning. 

The bougainvillea seemed happy too in his new, cobalt blue pot.

Good company, and a favorite chair is a nice way to end a relaxing, spring weekend.  Hope your weekend was blooming and relaxing too. 
I look forward to chatting with you soon.
Have a great week! 


Becca- your patio is so lovely~ I want to sit out there and visit with my coffee, too! Love your new photo album!
Unknown said…
Bec those night shots of your patio are so cool! I sat outside this morning also it was so beautiful. But then that darn wind picked up! Did you take these shots with your new lens? I need some lessons girl friend.
Marilyn said…
I'm loving your photos, especially now that I'm taking an online photo class and learning to use what I call my "grown-up" camera. Who'd have thought I would tackle aperture, shutter speed, etc.
Your night time photos on your patio are so inviting, I just want to drive right over to your house. Keep on posting these great photos.
hens teeth said…
Hello Becca,
thank you for your comment.
Wonderful to visit your stunning blog.
Isn't it a small world~please tell your hubby that we are not far away from Alton Towers at all about 20 odd miles, nearer to the Shropshire border. Perhaps he may know Weston Park, we are just about there. x

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