A GIVEAWAY gift and more antique finds

Hi bloggers!  I finally finished the little pillow that'll be included in my giveaway.  I think it turned out pretty cute, so I hope you'll think so too!  The back is all burlap, so it matches the trimming on the front.
What have you been up to this weekend?  

Time to get ready for another week, but I wanted to share with you a few photos of some fun, antique finds! 

I thought these little salt and pepper shakers were a fun way to use glitter.
 The little crocheted doily I couldn't resist either, but my friend, Linda is going to show me how to make them right Linda? 

Finally, I was cleaning up my craft room and set these salt and pepper shakers up on this "neon cactus in a terra cotta pot" that I have,  just to get them out of the way so I could dust, and I was taken back by how they looked with the green light, so...of course I grabbed my camera and came up with this! 
Pretty cool huh? 

Well, have a nice week, and don't forget to leave me a comment if you want to be entered into my 1st Annual Blogiversary GIVEAWAY. 
Deadline is April 30th at midnight and I will draw a random name from all that have entered and post the winner on Saturday, May 1st.

Thank you to all that have followed my blog and left me comments.  I look forward to reading each and every one! 

For now...


The pillow turned out wonderful, Becca...and love all the goodies you found, especially the old laundry pins!
Unknown said…
I also love the neon Picture. Pretty cool!
It's a date! A little wine, A little Crocheting, can't wait to see how that turns out!

Hugs Linda
Brenda Pruitt said…
I love your pillow and your finds! Isn't it a wonderful feeling when serendipity causes you to do something, and you find that you very much like it just the way it is?
jane maday said…
I just found your blog-how lovely! Can I be entered in your giveaway? Your little pillow is darling.
Anonymous said…
Hi! I just found your blog too! popped over from 274 studio. We like the same music!!
You do some really cute art!
Congrats on your blog anniversary! I will become a regular visitor!
The pillow is very pretty and creative...like you! I would SO love to win! I went back to make sure I had commented! lol Thanks! ♥
Caryl said…
Have been following you around for ages, how can you say you are not artistic, you are in every way. The hand work you are doing is beautiful, your blog is so well put together it is a pleasure to read. I am sure your Mum is always looking down at you with a smile...I miss my mother too, very much. Oh... and I just love the cats :o)
Lisa said…
Lovely, lovely!!
Anonymous said…
Oh dear, Becca! I'm afraid you have just nudged me to go shopping for antique and vintage salt and pepper shakers! Sometimes the tops look so bad that I'd rather not buy them to actually use for s&p but for glitter...! Perfect!
Thank you for the inspiration!
Mary Ann said…
wow, love the your flower artwork. what kind of burlap would you advise me to get for pillows? have a great weekend, becca.
Glitter is a lovely thing, and even prettier in antique shakers.

Congrats on your 100th!

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