Easter greetings

Tomorrow is Easter Sunday.  I just want to wish everyone a happy, joyous day!
I hope you enjoy my photographs.  I'm taking them with a new lens, so I might have gone a little crazy with the shots! 

Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. 


Unknown said…
WOW Bec, Love your photos, but that is nothing new I always love your photo, How fun a new lense,You will have to tell me all about it. You have been busy this week... so I have a little reading to do! I just love your blog!!!
and by the looks of it so does everyone else!
Lots of Love,
Becca- these photos are just beautiful! Such lovely closeups!!
Anonymous said…
They're BEAUTIFUL!!! The colors are amazing!
But they wouldn't be if you didn't have an eye for composition...and you DO! So very talented!

Easter Blessings,
Caryl said…
I really love these new photos and I am very interested to know what lens you bought. I have a whole lot of camera equipment that I just haven't had time to use. I go through stages one minute I want to paint, then I want to play with pictures and then I want to take them. I am going through the later at the moment. More please many more. I love the blue bottle.
Happy Easter to you and your family. X

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