Signs of Spring

Wind, wind and more wind!  That's a sure sign of Spring here in Las Vegas.  Blowing pollen, allergies, and damaged plants...
I know, this iris doesn't look too badly damaged here, but it sure took a beating the other night in the 50mph wind before I dragged it under the porch.
Fortunately, only one of the buds snapped off.  Sounds like this iris is going to have a couple days of rest, then back to more wind the middle of next week!

Oh well, on to more happy signs of Spring!
The corner of the neighbor's roof?  
Well, take a closer look.
Sorry for the poor quality of the photos, I was taking them through the window of my craft room.
I happened to catch these two little birds preparing a nest for their new family!
Here's the other one.  This is the one that would fly out of the roof and within a few minutes come back with leaves, branches or feathers in it's mouth.  I actually watched this happen 3 times while I was trying to take the pictures. 
Looks like a feather this time. 
Back into the hole!  Don't you just love this rear end shot? 
The 2nd story roof of the neighbor's house is on the left where the birds are hanging out.  I've seen them fly down into our little courtyard for food or to get a drink out of the fountain.  
I bet this sort of thing is not that big of a deal for those of you that live in a more lush, green, countryside environment, you probably witness this all of the time huh?  So, thanks for letting me go on about it, because it was just one of the highlights of my day today and I just wanted to share it with you. 

So long for now.  Keep posting your signs of Spring! 


Hi Becca- such sweet little birds- I love watching them nest! The vines on your post are SO pretty!
Pamela said…
Hi Becca! That was so awesome I just love birds! I love watching them. We just moved to another province here in Canada and when I left my home I left all my feeders and food with a note to the new neighbours to please continue feeding. I had so many rare song birdds.

I love the music on your blog by the way. We have the same taste in music.

Have a great weekend!
Brenda Pruitt said…
I wonder what kind of bird that is? I don't recognize it, so must not fly to these parts. So cute, the tiny little places they choose to call home for their nests.
Romeo said…

Birds? Bad pictures?! I didn't think so at all - it was almost like watching them out my window!! Really!

Thanks so much for sharing your birds with us! I love to watch the birds! I don't bother them at all, I'm ferocious, but I'm a good kitty. "She" taught me to love the birds and bun-buns. I just love to watch the birds and hear them sing.

Have a great week!

Romeo and "her"

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