Winter's Palette

Seeing color in the dead of Winter. 

Soft, quiet and subtle



So soft and lovely...I love the skeletonized leaves in the last photo!
Very pretty. We are having a dull day here. No color in the sky at all. Have a great weekend.
Unknown said…
Love Hydrangeas...they get more & more beautiful as they age.
Unknown said…
What a beautiful series of photographs this is, Becca.
And did I mention that I LOVE my hat???? :-)
Have a wonderful weekend.
Rosie Grey said…
So beautiful, Becca! I'm so happy to come back to blogging to find you're back, too! I'm looking forward to catching up on you besides Instagram! :-)
Lisa Graham said…
Absolutely beautiful, Becca. The images and colors are so gentle and delicate.
Unknown said…
I love this, no better colour palette than one from nature. :)
Unknown said…
Hydrangea are beautiful in every season. So wonderfully delicate and the tones are beautiful!

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