Now That's One Big Doily!

Hi Friends! 

I just wanted to take a second to show you the 

latest "afghan" I finished. 

It's called the 

I'm not really sure what I'm going to do with it yet. 

So far, it makes a nice cover for some of my old and battered 

leather furniture in our basement.

This was the first time I ever ordered a "kit." 

I was a little worried about what the yarn 

would be like, but was really pleased, and it's actually soft! 

This is a queen size bed in our guest room, so you get the idea 

of the size. 

However, Lucy here thought this was a better photo to 

show you the size of the afghan. :-) 

I'm "hooking" up for the first time today with 

"Hookin On Hump Day! 

You can check out some of the other fiber creatives, or join the party,  


Well, I'm off to do some housework, but the sun is shining and I'm 

thinking some sun time on the deck with a good book is a 

better idea! 



Anonymous said…
Beautiful! Show it off proudly!
Wow, that IS big...thought it was a rug, at first! I'll bet it would be pretty on a tabletop, too...
TexWisGirl said…
lucy is adorable. and that giant doily is, too!
Kate said…
It's beautiful! (And Lucy is cute as always!) It makes me want to take a doily pattern and make it bigger!!
Kate :}
I'd snuggle up in the comfy looking chair, wrap the doily around me and sit by the wood burner.....heaven! Suzy xo
andrea said…
This afghan is beautiful, you did a great job on it!! I am curious as to what books you like to read...
It really is gorgeous! I love the natural color and pretty design. It would look so pretty on a round table. I have a glass top round kitchen table....not sure if I could do an intricate design like this but it would be nice. Enjoy your day! And thanks for the sweet birthday wishes! Hugs, Diane
Home Meadows said…
Hi Becca, beautiful afghan, it looks perfect on the bed and the back of the sofa both. I'll have to check out your links. Have a great day. Heather
Judy S. said…
Nice work, Becca! How's Fetzer?
Unknown said…
That is one Big Doily.. Hee Hee.. I LOVE it. It turned out fabulous. I LOVE the color as well.

Caterina Giglio said…
just beautiful and the kitty is pretty darn adorable too!!
Anne Butera said…
Love this! I've been wanting to crochet a giant doily rug and you've reminded me. Yours looks lovely on the bed.

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