Autumn Surprise

Hi Friends!  

You might remember my POST about the beautiful Dogwood Tree in 

our garden. 

Well, to my delight September has decorated this Dogwood with 

lovely cherry like berries! 

After doing a bit of research I discovered the name of the Dogwood is 

or sometimes referred to as "Japanese Dogwood."

It seems the berries are edible, however I haven't tried one yet...

I might just leave it up to the birds and squirrels to enjoy. 

This year, I decided to decorate with some of the 

beautiful grasses that are at the nurseries. 

Just a couple of plants in containers on the deck that can be seen 

from inside, and when the sun shines on them they 

give off that breezy, autumn feeling. 

So, the dogwood berries were new this year, and so was this 

sunflower in the garden! 

Ok, I know it's a big birthday for me this year, but I really don't 

remember planting this. 

I think the birds had something to do with it

by dropping their seeds. 

I would have picked a sunnier location, but it was 

a nice surprise indeed! 

 So using some of my collection of pressed leaves from last years 

garden, I created this mixed-media autumn collage on canvas. 

I'm thinking of adding some beeswax. 

This season always seems to heighten that creative sprit within me. 

 What have you been creating lately, or have you 

discovered any Autumn Surprises in your garden this year? 



TexWisGirl said…
(clean as a whistle!) :)

lovely grasses and volunteer sunflower! those weird berries are cool, too.
CarolHart said…
This is such an awesome post! I felt like I was walking your gsrden with you, and I didn't know you were into mixed media. We totally need to connect. I am totally into Encaustic! Fab post my friend!
andrea creates said…
Such beautiful photos!And a great collage.I love the unexpected sunflowers!!
I've been crocheting a bunch lately : )
Anonymous said…
I love the seed pods of our kousa dogwood, they are so charming somehow, with bright personalities. I will have to plant another at the new house. Love your collage. xox
Lisa Gordon said…
Becca, I just LOVE this collage.
Beautifully done.
Kate said…
Wow, beautiful photos and collage! Those berries look so cool too!
Hope you're having a lovely week!
Kate :}
So lovely, Becca...the collage is wonderful...
Judy S. said…
Love it! Our dogwood has berries, too, and the crows love them. We got back home on Wednesday evening and are still pretty jetlagged. The trip was great! How'd that tree work out that you got?
Rosie Grey said…
Oh, what wonderful surprises, Becca! I also love your collage - your creativity is truly inspiring!
Have a wonderful weekend!
Anonymous said…
great collage
Anonymous said…
great collage
Thank goodness for little birdies that help to make our garden grown. :) I love volunteer plants. Your collage is lovely. Best wishes, Tammy
Unknown said…
Je suis passée chez vous via Pinterest, j'ai découvert votre univers et puisque je trouve magnifiques vos créations, j'ai eu envie de vous l'écrire. Je suis désolée, mon anglais est plus qu'approximatif !
Je vous souhaite "bonne continuation" dans vos créations et je peux vous dire encore, que c'est un réel plaisir pour les yeux. Merci.

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