Coffee, Tea, or Me?

You know you're living in Seattle 

when you have your own 

Coffee Bar at your house. 


When you live in an old house with a small and 

very outdated kitchen, 

you kind of have to get creative with the space you do have! 

This space kind of evolved over time...I just keep changing 

and adding to it.

We both love coffee, and I'm a big tea drinker as well. 

Oh be still my heart when I found this vintage coffee grinder at an 

antique shop here in the area. 

Pretty different from this, but oh so quick and easy! 

Who'd a thought I'd have a special place to display this 

collage I made a while back. 

Not to mention the glass table I got in Las Vegas years ago, 

and it sat in our garage because I didn't have a place for it! 

How about you?  Do you like to create special nooks where you live?

Hope your week is going well, 



I LOVE this, Becca, and your collage is perfect there! I have a little corner for my coffee and tea goodies, too!
TexWisGirl said…
how cute. i have my own 'room' where my drawing table and laptop sit. that's mostly my space and my things. although i've not changed anything for a long time.
What a lovely display for your coffee and teas....I had to play catch up and read the posts I, you sure know how to whip around that crochet needle...gorgeous rug and I am glad to see the "children" love it too. Happy Wednesday to you.
Catherine said…
Nice corner to have a tea or coffee! Very wArm atmosphere.
Lisa Graham said…
If I had your knack for decorating, I would have nooks everywhere. Beautiful coffee space! I LOVE seeing how you put things together.

Anonymous said…
So cute....I would love to visit your coffee bar! xox
I love the little collage...I spotted it right away! I haven managed to put something on just about every way and in every nook in this house! lol Enjoy your coffee...I'm on the way over for a cup! Hugs!
Unknown said…
Hummmm... I wonder if I could create a coffee nook in my RV. :) Your coffee space looks so inviting my friend. I LOVE it..

Rosie Grey said…
Oh, this is wonderful Becca! I just love this!!! I'm afraid there is no little nook here to be filled so beautifully, but you make me think... ;-)
Lisa Gordon said…
Becca, I LOVE this!!
It looks so warm and inviting.
Jen said…
Fantastic! I love coffee and tea, even more so at this time of year.
Caterina Giglio said…
just darling and your art piece is a perfect fit!
Hey Becca! I love your coffee station. I found a similar grinder here in Kuwait and have it displayed in my kitchen. I put an old bookshelf in our kitchen to set coffee things on and such. But not so nice as the little nook you've created. I like that coffee runner you found, too. Lovely little space to store your tea and coffee. I am a coffee drinker in the morning and only drink green or herbal teas in the afternoon and evenings. Thanks for your IG comments. Have a great weekend. Tammy
Judy S. said…
Looks like a very cozy spot, perfect for the weather of late.
Justine said…
everything here looks so lovely and homely and comforting. Thank you so much for your kind words on my blog I really appreciated them
Tracy said…
such FUN, Becca... I love this!! What a great idea, and fun way to use and display your tea/coffee. I just love how you put all this together. And that table...*swoon*... It must feel like you're at a cozy B & B and want a cup of coffee! It just make having a hot beverage all the more special! When we moved into our old house here, we found an old, neglected coffee grinder. I gave it a little make over with paint to fit in with our decor as it was in bad shape, but fun to have! :o) So nice to catch up with you here. I'm slow to getting around these days due to health issue, so am online a bit less. Happy Days ((HUGS))
Unknown said…
Oh wow, I wish I could have a cup of coffee in your beautiful coffee bar. This is beautiful, indeed. Thanks for sharing.

Finn Felton
Kopi Luwak

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