If you can't find one...crochet one!

Hi Friends!  

I've had the hardest time trying to find the "right" kind of 

round rug for my craft room.  

So, when I found a pattern on Pinterest, 

for a crocheted one,  I had to try it! 

(you can find the pattern on my Pinterest board...Crochet)

I'm so happy with the way it turned out, and the size is just right.

The night I finished it, I just threw it on the floor, and happened to 

catch a shot on my iPhone of Lucy trying it out. 

From the look on her face, I'd say she approves, 

wouldn't you?

Then, just a few minutes later, Fetzer came in and curled up on it, so 

I was thrilled. 

Hopefully Shatzie will get her turn too. :-) 

You see, the reason for a rug in the first place was to make 

a comfy place that my kitties would enjoy hanging out with me when 

I'm in my room.

The last place we lived, my craft room was the guest room so there was a 

queen size bed in there and lots of soft places for my 

fur babies to snuggle. 

Here, I love having a designated room just for my studio, but with the 

hardwood floors it seems like the kitties just don't get too 

comfortable without something soft to hang out on. 

I threw out the yarn labels so I can't remember the exact brand of 

yarn, but it was one

of those Red Heart or Lion Brand acrylic, and less

expensive yarns.

The label said machine washable, but I've never "washed" crochet 

before, have you?  Would you? 

Oh well, it was fun to make, and hopefully it will last for a while and 

still look nice.

It was also fun to work with a BIG hook and 3 strands of yarn rather 

than my usual 1.65mm hook and thread. 

I think I've mentioned it before, but we have the BEST neighbors around

us.  I heard a knock on the door last night and 

Cindy gathered a bunch of her sunflowers to share with me. 

I've been noticing she picks them and puts them in a 

vase and enjoys them on her covered patio. 

 I am SO ready for Autumn, are you, 

 or are you sad to see summer end? 

The temperature is cooling down, and we are getting more rain. 

I think that's a sure sign 

Autumn is in the air! 

Still trying to get around to visit all of you! 

Thank you for being here, 



Georgianna said…
Hi Becca, Love the rug! And love that photo of Lucy. She's saying "Thanks, Mom!" So sweet. :)

Well, sunny today and plenty of rain to make you happy in the days ahead. I'm heading to NYC where it will be in the 80s, yikes!

TexWisGirl said…
what a great neighbor! :) and i love that the cats immediately took to your rug - made just for them! :)
Wow! That is fabulous! It's so beautiful...I would probably put it on my bed! I'll go look at it on pinterest, too! Love the sunflowers and I'm hanging on to summer as hard as I can! Sweet hugs!
Lisa Gordon said…
Becca, the rug is amazing!! what a beautiful job you did on it. It looks like Lucy thinks (knows!!) you made it just for her!
Hi Becca, It turned out just fabulous and it's wonderful that your sweet kitties love it too.
Unknown said…
I think it looks wonderful.. It looks like it would have been fun to work on as well. I LOVE the color you chose. I have heard that you can wash those yarns but I would be a bit nervous as well. Happy Sunday my friend.

Rosie Grey said…
This really made me smile :-) Such a wonderful rug - you are an absolute genius!
She Who Doodles said…
love the rug, what a great addition to your room. makes it so cozy and perfect for your furry friends. i have washed crochet, you usually have to block it when you take it out. but maybe the newer yarns wash better.
I really love your rug, Becca, and will hear over to your crochet board to pin the pattern! Wonder if you could just use rug yarn? Thanks for the link!
I think the kitties love your new rug. It looks so inviting. I am glad the temperatures have cooled down and the garden is loving the drink of water from the two days of rain we just had. Have a wonderful week.
Kate said…
Your rug turned out so pretty, and it really looks like your kitties love it!! Your sunflower shots are beautiful as well!!
Kate :}
Anonymous said…
Looks as though kitty likes it too. Love your cozy room! Your very own space!
Catherine said…
Gosh - look at that Lucy - how's she has grown! That's a pretty crocheted rug you made!

I have no problem with fall being here. I just wish it lasted longer...and then skipped to spring... ;)

xo Catherine
Lisa Graham said…
Becca, your rug turned out gorgeous. I know I already liked it on Instagram, but wanted to tell you so here!

Your kitties look like they love what you made for them.!

Loving all your gorgeous photos!
Patty said…
I wash my crocheted things all the time. The doilies usually need a quick ironing on a towel to preserve the texture of the thread. Sometimes I may pin in shape if they are very lacy. But anything made with acyclic yarn washes beautifully. They usually don't need anything more than in the washer and then the dryer. I have never had any problems. If your rug comes out squished up iron with low heat with a press cloth. I've already pinned it on a towel on my carpeting for it to keep it's form but usually you don't have to do that...it self blocks. You shouldn't have any problems.
Tracy said…
LOVE the rug... and if it's kitty-cat approved, it's gotta be good! :o) Sweet photos... And GORGEOUS sunflowers. Autumn is here...bbbrrr...but it's good. Happy Days, Becca ((HUGS))
Unknown said…
Really cool rug! You couldn't find such a cute one in a store :)

I guess we're ready for fall here ... We did have such a nice summer ... It makes the transition easy if we don't feel gyped :)
Your are a crochet queen now. The rug is beautiful and definitely kitty approved. :) So sweet of your neighbor to bring over such beautiful sunflowers. The ones that are able to bloom here don't last long because of the heat. Even sunflowers don't like things to be too hot. But our weather is cooling off. Walking is so much more bearable now. Have a wonderful weekend. Tammy
Judy S. said…
What a great rug, Becca! You know I'm sorry to see summer end, especially with all this rain..... We had 2 deer in our yard yesterday, can you believe it?
Unknown said…
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