Lazy Days of Summer

Hi Friends! 

Wow, the lazy days of summer have hit me a little differently this year. 

Instead of hiding indoors, trying to stay cool 

with the air conditioner blasting,

I've enjoyed being outside in the 70 degree weather!  

Summer in Seattle is SO lovely.  

It hasn't rained in a few weeks.  In fact, I have to admit I miss it a little!  

I know it will be back soon though, so better enjoy the 

sunshine now! 

Crocheting is something I can do outside. 

I finished this doily piece for a friend of mine.  

I also got out my sketch book and worked on another face. 

So much action going on in the garden now.

Keeping the birds and squirrels fed are something we enjoy. 

I found this little guy on the deck and at first I thought he was hurt, 

but he was just hanging out resting I guess.

I think he was tired from this, 

and this. 

Now I know who's been kicking the dirt out of my potted plants! 

Lucy is a hoot to watch too. 

I love this shot because her head is flipping back and forth between windows

trying to keep up with everything. 

Sometimes the squirrels will walk all around the deck. 

I think they are having fun teasing poor Lucy.

It's probably a good thing we have indoor cats.

I don't think the squirrels 

and our little family of Chickadees would stand a chance.

It's been so much fun watching the action!

I saw this little one outside my window one day.  

Poor little fella didn't seem to be too sure about flying just yet. 

Well, I just wanted to drop in and say hi! 

We'll be hitting the road again tomorrow.  

We're driving over to Anacortes, Washington where we'll catch 

a ferry over to Friday Harbor/San Juan Island.

Have you ever been there? 

The lazy days of summer have never been so fun! 

Hope you are enjoying your summer too!

Be back soon. 



TexWisGirl said…
such a great back yard you have to view, now! so glad you're enjoying your new place so much!
Your doily is so beautiful! I still can't work with crochet thread. My fingers just feel like sausages trying to hold such tiny thread and hook. That Lucy never saw so much outdoor action before. Ha! So fun to see her get all excited about the goings on. Sounds like you are enjoying your summer. In one week, the boys and I will be in the States -- Yusef is going to college in Colorado so when my husband arrives August 6th, we will be roadtripping our way there from New Orleans. Have a wonderful week. Tammy
Lovely doily....Lucy was making me smile....sweet shots of her. She sure has enough to entertain herself during the day doesn't she. Happy Monday to you....oh and Lucy of course.
Tracy said…
LOVELY doily, Becca... it is truly stunning! We're enjoying an especially pretty summer here too--just relishing each sunny day, and being outdoors as much as possible. So sweet with your kitties and the "squirrel show!" ;o) Wishing safe & happy travels! Happy Summer Days ((HUGS)) ** P.S. Did I let you know, I'm now posting from my new blog:
andrea creates said…
beautiful doily~ what a wonderful gift!

i miss the more moderate weather on the west coast-it looks/sounds so nice where you it's been very hot and humid.

we have lots of squirrels here on our deck too-aren't they cute?!
have a great trip :)
Kate said…
Ooooo love that doily!! And that squirrel is so funny!! Have a great time, and hope to see pics!!
Kate :}
Anonymous said…
Gorgeous.... cute squirrel love it when they lay like they are dying of the heat, they do that here too....xox
Caterina Giglio said…
lovely view and darling critters...
Lisa Gordon said…
Becca, your squirrel photograph makes me smile.
They are truly ingenious when it comes to getting seed out of a bird feeder.

Really love your sketch too.
Catherine said…
I'm glad you have been enjoying your weather! And it looks like there has been lots of fun action on your deck! Haha! Much entertainment for kitties!
xo Catherine
I love your delicate doily and I didn't realize you could draw faces so beautifully. I love her dreamy eyes. We are enjoying our summer in Florida. Doing more things inside! lol Enjoy your week and adventures! Hugs!
Anonymous said…
It all looks and sounds so good here...and I hope the fun continues.
Unknown said…
Your doily looks so pretty Bec.. I think I have one that same pattern. I can't wait till I can be out doors instead of sitting in this trailer with the air on..

I enjoyed your photos...

Alina said…
What a pleasure is to come here! I swear, I always leave with a big smile. Thank you! XO

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