An Artist's Statement

Hello friends...
Now that I'm back home from Florida and trying to get back to normal (whatever "normal" is for me right now) I realize how quickly time is passing. 
I still feel like there is so much to do before we move! 
Trying to hold onto whatever "artistic" side I have during the chaos is comforting for me, so thank you for letting me share what I can during this hectic time. 

Alan J. Smith

 I feel fortunate to have been given some of the artist related things that belonged to my father in law.  I was able to keep some of his sketch books, notes, and a beautiful studio easel as well as his painting smock, some of his paints, pastels and other art supplies, while still being able to donate some things to local schools.

I have photographed portions of some of Alan's work. 
I hope you'll enjoy. 

Alan J. Smith

I'd like to mention that my father in law was a perfect example for 

"it's never too late to become an artist"

He went back to school later in life to pursue art seriously and started to study at the University of Miami where he received a B.F.A. degree in 1991 and an M. F.A. degree in painting in 1994. 

Some of his sketch books...

I am proud to have these things as a reminder to pursue my dreams. 

Alan J. Smith

Alan J. Smith

While going through some of his art supplies, I found an old zippered case with his sketching supplies...I just couldn't resist.

This old studio easel out in the garage has many a story to tell. 

Artist's Statement

"I choose to make art which does not represent anything but itself because that liberates me in my use of the materials of painting.  When art depicts objects or ideas, the artist's primary objective in using paint must be to make appropriate representations.  By making non-representational paintings I am free to use paint in any way which may produce a visually pleasing effect.  My objective is to make objects which are as beautiful as many natural beauties which we admire (such as a rose, a peacock or a sunset), but my creations will be original things which no one has ever seen before and which no one could ever see until they are created with paint."

Alan J. Smith

Alan J. Smith

A favorite of mine, called "Jug Mug"
Maybe one day I can keep this in my art room. 

Alan J. Smith

To just quickly use these old art supplies felt wonderful. 

Simple art...emotional bond.

To just know the joy of sketching and painting.

Becca Smith 

Thank you for being here, 



TexWisGirl said…
he was really talented. i am glad you have so many of his items.
Catherine said…
So many lovely art supplies. I love it that your father-in-law went to school later in life. Truly an inspiration. I love all the colors in your photos today - pretty!
xo Catherine
Evelyn S. said…
Becca....I think you are honoring his life and his art with these beautiful photos.
Becca,,this makes me cry in a good way. I truly believe right now...this very moment...your father-in-law is speaking to you...the same as my dad talks to me every day. We are very lucky indeed to be honored in this way...we must listen to their voices.
Tammie Lee said…
hello Becca

this post was a joy to read
how lovely that you have honored Alan like this! his art is wonderful!
I love that you have his supplies, materials and easel. your art is soft and inviting and a joy to see.

there is such a story of intimacy in and with art in the used art tools. love that!
Crafting Queen said…
Beautiful pieces what a great thing to go after your dreams. Thanks for sharing the story.
Unknown said…
What a wonderful tribute to a wonderful Artist. Thanks for sharing with us!!

Diane said…
What a wonderful part of his life that is now a part of yours--a very talented artist.
Diane said…
What a wonderful part of his life that is now a part of yours--a very talented artist.
Corrine said…
How wonderful for you to continue to feel his presence through his work and materials. His artist statement was so beautiful. I know you will feel his energy when you use his materials and it will bring a lovely harmony to your own work. xox
Debbie said…
what a lovely tribute to your father in law! he was a talented man! I enjoyed your work as well. :-)
Torunn said…
Beautiful color combination Becca! Great pictures. What you can :)) Wish you a nice Sunday and a nice Easter. Greeting Torunn.
Brianne said…
Hi, Becca. I send you and your husband my condolences on the loss of your very lovely Alan. How vulnerable we are to "Life's Book" as the pages turn. One day we are be-boppin' along and the next day we are hit with such sorrow. It seems, though, that you are one to love each page, each word as it is read, so that when the sorrow comes, the other words, the previous pages can be remembered with joy. And, what joy, Alan has left; such color, light and sense of dimensions. Take care of yourself and your husband. Peace. Brianne
Lesley Edmonds said…
Oh my goodness I have tears in my eyes. How wonderful to be the new owner of much loved art supplies. His art is awesome. So many wonderful memories - memories that can be part of your life in the future. Wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing.
Your father-in-law's work is stunning. A beautiful tribute to him.
Judy S. said…
Wonderful post, Becca. And how great for you to have some of your FIL's precious tools to enjoy and remember. He did beautiful work, as do you. Take care.
Gillian Olson said…
Becca thank you for sharing these treasures with us.
Oh Becca, I'm so sorry to hear about your father-in-law...I've been off the blogs this week and missed the original post. This is such a lovely tribute to the man and his art, which is quite wonderful. Your photos are quite lovely, too. Sending loving thought to you and your husband...a BIG XO
Tracy said…
Goodness, Becca... tears in my eyes here, these something so enormously touching about see those tender, soft pastels and other supplies of Alan's. Thinking how he used these beautiful things to create these amazing works or art. His artist's manifesto rings very true with my own! :o) It has been a joy to hear about Alan's experience. And how you are carrying on in his footsteps in a way. LOVE your pastel sketch at the end... so lovely... ((HUGS))
Justine said…
what wonderful memories you now have and so great you are carrying his passion on.
Lisa Graham said…
Becca, this is such a beautiful post in honor of your father in-law. Wow! He was talented. So talented. I am so happy that you got to inherit all these wonderful things and that they remind you that it is never too late. Something you and I have both discussed before. Your photos of all his supplies and art are fantastic.

I hope you and your husband are doing okay and able to have lots of light right now in the midst of your grief.

Pamela said…
Absolutely beautiful!
An amazing man! I love his work Becca. How wonderful for him that he was blessed with a daughter-in-law who will treasure his pieces. So many people pass on only to have their things thrown away.

I finally got the music on my blog but it does not come on when you visit??? Help?

Pamela xo
GardenOfDaisies said…
I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your Father in law. Sending you hugs. I'm so glad that you were able to keep his easel and sketch books. How wonderful it must have been to have a kindred spirit in your family.
Dion Dior said…
Wow Becca, this is a beautiful post and you are very blessed. I love that you treasures all these things that represent the soul of a true artist. Thank you for sharing.

xx Hugs xx
Dianne said…
Positively gorgeous work...what an inspiration for you, and treasures of tools that he used...a sweet tribute to him shared with artists who understand!
Lisa Gordon said…
Oh my goodness, how fortunate you are to have these!
Truly a treasure trove of beauty and memories.
Heather Foust said…
Oh Becca how wonderful this is to have. What an inspiration this. Thank you so much for sharing. I love his artist statement and his sketches. I know how much that means to have the work from someone you admire. My mother had a canvas that she started a sketch of a still life. So what I did was finished her painting in my style. I blended our styles together. I treasure that painting. I don't know if he has something like that around that you could complete a piece of his work. It really helped me with my healing process. Love this post!

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