Bird Land

Hi everyone! 
Here are the little birds I mentioned in my last post.
They are so easy and fun to make. 
The best part was using supplies and scraps I already had. 

I haven't decided what to do with these little birdies yet, I just enjoyed making them.  I will probably just let them hang out in my craft room for future inspiration, or give them away or use them to embellish a gift.

I just love birds don't you?  
Just think of the possibilities!  You can use any color or embellishment to give your little bird his or her own personality. 

Yesterday, I noticed this Raven sitting on the house behind our home.  

I grabbed my zoom lens and shot this picture from our bedroom window.  Hopefully the neighbors in that house didn't look out and see me with my camera pointed directly at their house.  LOL! 
I see these Ravens every once in a while, and love to hear their "caw" sound.  I found this interesting link if you are interested, click HERE.

I wish we had some more interesting birds here in the desert, but most of the time I see and hear the English Sparrow.  I know there are more out there, but for now I will just have to "create" my own little birdies from scratch. :-)

Hope your week is off to a great start! 



What cute birds! You are so creative. I love the green one especially.
We are expecting snow and very cold weather here this week. I was hoping we'd seen the last of it, but I guess winter isn't over yet.
Pamela said…
These are adorable Becca!!! I love birds! You should see the giveaway sign I won. It has a sweet bird on it. I have to post about it.
I wish you could see all the amazing birds here. I love ravens too...they have a really unique personality. Very smart!
But I really love these birds you made!!
Love your swwet lttle birds. very cute! I wish we had a wider of variety of birds here too.
Anonymous said…
Cute birds, I lake it!
Great work.
Your sweet little birds are so delightful. Love the soft spring colors. Great stitching and textures. Enjoy for photography. With the change of seasons in Iowa you'd have great fun with the migration.
Daydream Living said…
Hi Becca,
I'm sorry that I haven't been commenting on your blog lately, I'm still read the posts I have missed, cause you make the loveliest things! Like these birdies, so cute! Do you sell them too? Anyway, just stopped by to say, have a good day!
Diane said…
How fun these are!! :)
Catherine said…
These sweet little crafty birds are adorable! So cute! Oh yes, I love the birds. I am afraid we don't have too many exciting and colorful birds either. Especially in the winter.

Happy Wednesday Becca!
xo Catherine
Anonymous said…
HOW FUN! I adore these birdies and the possibilities are endless as to the looks you could give them!

Lisa Gordon said…
These are fantastic Becca!
I absolutely love the pearl detail on the wing!
Justine said…
these are so amazing, the colours and the textures, they would make a great mobile above a cot or something. Is that a mountain in the distance from your window? how wonderful to see that every day.
Anonymous said…
They're so cuuute... definitely can be used for inspiration!

I love the relaxing music you have playing... Fantastic!!! =)
Anonymous said…
I just have to add that I'm in love w/ the pic of your kitty, Shatzie, in the sidebar... the one below Fetzer & the lilies & above Little Becky... which that's a hoot, too, but Shatzie is ADORABLE!!! =)
Netty said…
Brilliant birds Becca. Annette x
Judy S. said…
What a cute flock you've created, Becca. Interesting stitches too, and I love their feet! We are supposed to get more snow tonight; this is getting old.....
lilylovekin said…
Love the little birds you've created. And your Raven shot, that is the only bird I can get to "pose" for me.
ELK said…
the stitching and the colors are what makes them just so very charming.. birds are so special to create!!
Anonymous said…
Those turned out adorable. I love all the little embellishments you used. Let me know if the neighbors start looking at you strangely! You are too funny.
Bohemian said…
How sweet your little birds are! I just adore your photography, you bring everything so alive with it! I'm working on becoming a better photographer now that I'm blogging and sharing my photos.

Thank you for your Anniversary wishes to us, we shall have a wonderful one... The Man will be choosing his gifts this week, very likely Hunting gear *winks* which is his particular passion and hobby. His eyes glaze over when we walk into a Cabelas in much the same as mine do when I go Treasure Hunting! *winks*

Blessings... Dawn... The Bohemian
Joanna said…
Wow, these little birds are so lovely...they would look sweet anywhere! I awesome shot of that raven...very cool :)
I am new to your blog, but I am a cat lover and I just love your blog. I also have not children, but my animals do just fine:-) They are spoiled and I treat them like my kids. I only have a few minutes to look around, but will be back this weekend to check out your blod when I have time to really enjoy!!!

Love & Light, CindyLew
Anonymous said…
I saw these sweet birds on my friend Kim's blog numinosity and just had to comment. Your blog is delightful and I shall be back to visit more.
Your birds are so adorable, Becca! I think they are so creative!! You're right you could go so many ways and personalities!
Unknown said…
Ahhh, Your birds are so cute.. Looks like you had alot of fun with your stitching.. Very sweet indeed..

Hugs, Linda
Karen Mae said…
Hi Becca, nice to meet you! I just found you over at French Buttons. Your little birds are SO sweet. I love your pix - I'm new to texture ( I just discovered Kim Klassen too ) and you are an insiration for sure. I added myself to your list of followers and grabbed your button. I'll be back for sure.
Love your photo! You got a great shot! I am crazy about the little birds you are making, too! I sewed some tonight...but not sure about the results! I love making small projects! Wish I could look over your shoulder! Hugs! ♥
Becky Shander said…
Your chubby little birdies are SO cute...I love the stitching details.
beatrice De said…
Ca c'est un point que je connais bien. Almost all my *broderies * I do with that stiich. You can see some on the blog * les tricots de Béatrice De, couture et bricolage *. Just le dérouler un peu. There are samples of imbroderies I had done on lillres felt boots (to put sweets in them) . Had sold them to a big store in London. But before, I had done samples for me, as souvenirs. Bright colors.
GardenOfDaisies said…
I have been going through some of your older posts, and found these birdies. So sweet and creative. Love them!

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