Sending you a Postcard and a Texture

I had some time today to practice with layers and textures again in PSE.  I also wanted to share with you a texture I created and used on the above photo along with a script layer.

This is from a table I have in my courtyard.
Feel free to use this as a texture if you like.  I'm calling it "Stone Age"
I really don't know that much about creating textures yet, but I do like how it looked in my photo above. 
If you use this texture, I would be interested in seeing what you came up with, so send me a link to your photo. 

I was going for the "vintage post card look" with this photo I took of one of my favorite places to eat in Seattle.
I'm going to be traveling for a few days and even though I'm taking my computer, I'm not sure yet how much time I will have to blog. 
So for now, I hope everyone has a nice weekend, and I look forward to visiting with you soon! 



Unknown said…
To cool girly.. I love it. You are becoming a pro with these textures.

Thanks for the ones you sent me.. They look wonderful. Can't wait to play with them..

Hugs, Linda
Catherine said…
Those are so pretty Becca! I haven't played with textures too much ~ you inspire me! :)

Happy weekend friend!
xo Catherine
Becky Shander said…
Happy well, play well, sleep well.
Jillayne said…
Have a good trip Becca! And take lots of pictures - I love what you have done to these! You are getting so very good at this!!
Susan Tuttle said…
beautiful use of texture.
Susan Tuttle said…
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Susan Tuttle said…
beautiful use of texture.
Justine said…
oh you are clever! these are fantastic, I love the vintage postcard of seattle. I have lightroom so can't use these textures, I'm so impressed with your many talents!
I love the textures - so pretty not sure which is my favorite! Have a wonderful weekend :)
andrea creates said…
Looks so pretty-I wish I knew how to use things like that!
Ashley Sisk said…
That looks very cool. I've been thinking about creating textures myself...just haven't tried one yet. Thanks for offering yours.
lilylovekin said…
I love what you can do with PSE I have it on my Christmas list. Have a good weekend.
Lisa Gordon said…
This is just beautiful Becca!! Thank you so much for sharing.

That is way cool. You are so artistic!

These are just gorgeous, Becca! Hope you're enjoying your weekend! XO
Pamela said…
I hope you are having the best weekend ever Becca!!!
Pamela xo
Brenda Pruitt said…
Ah, such beauty! I must get around to trying these out soon.
GardenOfDaisies said…
Oh I love Ivars! Did you share your food with the seagulls? :-)
Netty said…
Totally gorgeous. Annette x
Linda Vincent said…
Love what you did with these photos ...they look great!

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