Vintage Piano Memories

Happy weekend everyone!  It's very windy here in the desert today, so since I'm not going outside to take photographs, I thought I'd share some indoor shots I took of some vintage music and books I already have around the house. 

I found this music magazine on a visit to the Oregon Coast one year. (they have the best antique places on the way to the ocean!)  I love the image of Beethoven on the front cover.   

This bust of Beethoven isn't exactly vintage, but since I was on the subject I thought this image of him is very similar to the one on the cover of the magazine. 

This piano study book belongs to my Dad.  My Dad played the piano some, and when I was about 9 years old he purchased my first, real piano for me and I started taking lessons!  I have fond memories of my Dad playing some old church hymns on my new piano.

Don't you just love to see a child's notes from long ago written in their study books? 

"The mighty harmonic effects will inspire you with a love for the noble and beautiful in art."

If only I could touch the pedals then, I would have started lessons before age 9. 

So, this is a start to a few days off to relax and unwind from the "real job" world, so you'll probably be hearing from me again soon as I hope to garden, create, take photographs and get updated on all of my favorite blogs!


Love it, Becca! Your dad's study book is such a treasure and I love the bust! Your photographs are just beautiful- and the photo of you at the piano, that you also have on your sidebar...well, I've always thought it was precious!
Pamela said…
Hi Becca
Thanks for visiting my blog today. I had to come over for a visit.
Your photos are just stunning! Wow! Your a true artist my goodness.
I just love your cats! I had a orange and white cat for 15yrs loved him so much. The photos of these little guys are fantastic.
It was a pleasure to visit and I will be back.

Pamela :)
Hi Becca!

I enjoyed looking through your blog. Stunning photography here. And your kitties are precious!

Thanks for stopping by today. Let's visit often!

Holly Knott said…
Love your blog pics, esp the birds nesting in the roof corner. Thanks for visiting my blog. Too weird that you posted vintage music, too, just the other day! :-)

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