Talk about Tulips!

Beautiful tulips at the Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival in Woodburn, Oregon.

I wanted to begin my post with my absolute favorite!  Well, ok they're all my favorite, but this one just stood out and it's colors remind me of the ol' "long-john" popsicles I used to get from the popsicle man's truck when I was a kid. (Ooo, remember the bomb-pops too?  Oh, sorry, I'm getting off the subject.  I don't think I remember any red, white & blue tulips here). 

Just rows and rows of colors!

Some very unusual tulips.

Salmon pink. 

So which one is your favorite? 

If you can't make it to Oregon for the Wooden Shoe Festival this month, you can order bulbs on their web site which I have listed above.  I order from them each year and they are beautiful!  Be sure to order early because a lot of the more popular types sell out. 

This is one  I ordered, but I can't remember their exact name.  Notice the pink on the tip.  I chose to grow them in a container.  Our desert soil isn't  the best for planting in the ground.
I think they turned out great and give my garden a little taste of Spring.

Thanks for stopping by!


kathleen said…
Beautiful!!! We were in Seattle for the tulips last year. My daughter spent her first year of college there, so we went to Seattle about four times! The northwest is so lush. The food is yummy!

These are beautiful pictures! Your blog is so peaceful. I am excited to check it out more!
Hi Becca- beautiful! My favorites are the first two pics, too! Can't wait until spring!
Unknown said…
Hey Bec, Did you take all those picture, They are Beautiful. We saw some feilds of flowers when we were in Oregon, But they weren't tulips. Who needs to go all the way to Holland to see tulips.... Now if I could just make it up to seattle! Can't wait for the Stamp show! Talk to you soon.
starseasons said…
Hi Becca, I like the last photo of the potted white tulips
Hi Becca,

What a lovely bright start to my day! The orange is magnificent, LOVE IT! But I am mad about colour so they all look stunning to me. Have a brilliant day,

Sarah x
Susan Freeman said…
Hi Becca, It's so nice to meet you. Brenda sent me over to welcome you. My husband and I don't have children either, but have a little yorkie named Bentley who fills our hearts with joy each day. Your blog is lovely and thanks for sharing those beautiful tulips. I'd love to take a drive over to Oregon to see them.

Susan and Bentley
Lisa said…
I found you by way of the Welcome Wagon Lady. :)And I'm sooooo glad! Love your blog.

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