I'm still here!

Hi everyone!  I feel like it's been forever since my last post!  Between work and spending time trying to learn Photoshop,  I haven't been able to just get on line and play and read my favorite blogs!
So, I just wanted to send a quick hello.
This is a photo of a clay heart I made for a friend of mine who's birthday is coming up.  She loves purple and since her birthday is so close to Valentine's day I wanted to make her something special.
Hopefully Sheyla will like it as much as Fetzer does!
I can't believe it's been raining here in Vegas off and on for 2 days!  I guess my other excuse for not getting anything done is because this weather has made me feel like just curling up with a good magazine and a glass of wine and "thinking" about all of the wonderful projects I want to start.
It's still raining tonight and is supposed to continue through tomorrow.  This is so unusual for us to get so much rain and for those of you that know how much I love the Pacific Northwest, this has been a real treat!
This last photo is of some scraps of batik fabric that accumulated while I was making a little market tote. As I was throwing all of the scraps into this little pile, it made me think of another project I wanted to try using small scraps, so we'll see what happens next!
I also wanted to mention, this little tea cup is something that I treasure and I keep in my studio.  It was made by my Father in Law.  I fell in love with the colors and the texture when I first saw it.

Hope you're having a great week!


Love the cup your FIL made, and I am so envous that you have photo-shop, I am desperate to have it on my home PC!

Have fun!

Sarah x
Unknown said…
Hey Bec,
Love the way your heart turned out. Its so cute how your kitty is in the picture right there! It so hard to get a picture of my cats doing anything like that. They see the camera and run.
Marilyn said…
HI Becca
Cruised over here from DJ's class. Your blog is wonderful. It has just the right content and layout to make me want to keep reading from page to page. I'm wondering if you designed your own banner and background.
I don't think I'm going to graduate as a Photoshop wiz, but I have learned some things. It is complicated though. I'm signed up to take another class in February. I'm hoping it will be a little easier to absorb.
franswazz said…
Coming to say hello and visit your blog from our virtual classroom.
I enjoyed my time here, the photos, the posts, the beautiful design and colors and the friendly feeling in your blog.
starseasons said…
Hi Becca, Beautiful photos. I can relate to the time spent in DJ's class. Me too. Anyway I need break from it.
starseasons said…
Hi Becca, My life is getting back to normal. I missed blogging too.
erin said…
Hi Becca,
It is nice to meet you. Thank you for visiting my blog and for your lovely comments. Your blog and photographs are beautiful. The heart you made for your friend is amazing.
Have a wonderful week.

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