Here Comes the Sun

Hi everyone, I guess I got a little crazy with the camera this weekend and just took a bunch of photographs of things that inspire me.  
This time of year, about 4:00pm I get the most beautiful sunlight in my studio that sometimes it just makes me want to sit and enjoy the moment, or try to capture my feelings on film. (oops, I guess I can't say that when it's all digital now huh?) 
One of my many attempts at soldering.

Once again, the afternoon sunlight on a side table by my comfy chair.

Beautiful "patina" coins I bought during my visit to Tacoma, Washington.

This is a new sun I have on the wall over my sewing machine.  
I think it's a bit ironic that one of my favorite symbols is the sun/moon theme when I'm always talking about how much I love the rain and the Pacific Northwest, don't you?

Last but not least, this is a fabric postcard made for me by my new friend 
"Autumn" over at 
Thank you Autumn!

So, even as the sun sets,  I feel fortunate to be filled with the warmth and inspiration that surrounds me in my studio.

Here's sending a little sunshine and warmth this winter to all my blogging friends out there.  

Rebecca   x


Martha Lever said…
What wonderful pictures!! Just yummy!! And your soldering id great. I bought a class many months ago online in soldering and never did it. How bad is that??? Oh my!
Unknown said…
Great Pictures again! I love your new moon & sun wall hanging I bet your craft room looks great! I will have to come over one of these days and see it!

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