A Spoonful of Good Luck for 2010

Mom would always tell me when I was little to just "eat a spoonful of black eyed peas, they'll bring you good luck."   Each year, on New Year's Day she would make a pot of black eyed peas and cornbread.  I'm not sure if I really liked them that much when I was a child, so maybe that's why she would always get me to just "try a spoonful."
Now, every year it has become a part of my tradition to cook black eyed peas and cornbread on New Years Day.  I've learned to put my own "twist" on them and my husband and I look forward to them every year.
I'm pretty sure this New Year's tradition has been around for sometime, and is followed by many, but I can't help but think of it as "just something Mom made every New Year's Day for her Birthday." 

It's been 15 years since my Mom has passed.  I think she would be happy that I was making and eating those black eyed peas on her Birthday every year don't you?
Happy Birthday Mom
I miss you,
Love, Bec


Unknown said…
I think the only pictue Ive seen of your mom is when she was younger. What a great picture, I bet shes looking down at you with a big smile on her face. :) It's nice how you keep her traditions alive!
nacherluver said…
What a lovely post! Thanks for sharing.
Kelly Warren said…
I agree with nacherluver! Lovely post. Your mom would be proud. I lost my mom ten years ago 12/27/99. Miss her every day.
christina said…
oh your mama would be so proud of you. it's these traditional, soul warming meals, that they hand us... and mean the world to us.
they look so yummy.

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