Living in the moment

It seems like lately I've been so focused on living somewhere else, that I haven't really taken a closer look at my own surroundings.
This skinny little tree in my yard that I'm really not too fond of and I've also dubbed "the Charlie Brown tree" stood out to me the other day so I took a closer look.
I've been posting photos of places I've been and want to live, and how much I love the Fall colors that I never really looked in my own front yard.
I know it's not really much of a tree, but it was like it was saying "hey look at me" "look at my colors too!"
It really will be a "stick" when all those colorful leaves fall off by Christmas, but maybe this year I'll decorate it like the Charlie Brown tree...maybe it just needs a little love.

So for now...
just trying to remember to "live in the moment"
Hope everyone had a relaxing weekend


Unknown said…
I loved what you wrote about living in the moment. When my mind is going crazy and I think I need to slow down I alway think to my self "The Power of Now". That is a book I read. I didn't finish it but just the saying the title brings me into the now.

I do hope you get your dream someday but for now I'm glad your here.


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