Don't Put All Your Eggs In One Basket...

...or at least in this case, maybe it's ok. 

I'm not even sure when Easter is this year, April 5th right? 

All I know is that the weather has been telling me it's just around the 

corner, and if I want to crochet some egg covers I'd better get busy!  

I picked up this vintage wire egg basket years ago and the dealer gave me the 

plastic eggs that she had displayed in it.  

I remember thinking that I'd decoupage the eggs with colorful paper. 

(still like that idea...hum, now I need more plastic eggs) 

But, for now I decided to crochet covers, since I 

love crochet so much!  You DO know that about me don't you? :-) 

I pulled out all of my thread stash and decided on 

"natural" colors and threads; cotton and my favorite, linen. 

It was a great way to use up thread I already had, and with the 

natural color selection I think I can get away with leaving them 

out in the vintage basket through the end of April, don't you? 

So, will you be decorating eggs for Easter this year?  

I love deviled eggs so I'm thinking I might even get one of the little 

PAAS coloring kits and color some "real" eggs the old fashioned way! 

 Spring has arrived early here in Seattle. 

Everything is in bloom!  

I can only hope that doesn't mean a long hot summer for us 

"cooler, rainy weather folk." 

Hope you are enjoying your weekend and that spring is heading your way too! 



TexWisGirl said…
gorgeous scene! and i love your sweet little egg covers. :)
It really looks like Spring in your area. We have lots of pollen and quite a few bushes blooming too. Of course I LOVE your crochet eggs...the natural colors are beautiful. I bought some crochet dishcloths today at the thrift store and I was a happy shopper! Sweet hugs, Diane
Lady Locust said…
Your work is just beautiful. I began to tat some egg accessories & made a knot or two then messed up on my counting so decided it wasn't time to work on eggs:) Maybe I should give it another go since it's been a couple weeks. Have a wonderful weekend.
RURAL said…
Becca, that is sincerely one of the most beautiful egg creations I have ever seen. It's simply gorgeous!

These are so pretty and creative, Becca, and your spring photo is beautiful, too!
I think they should be left out until the end of April for sure, they are absolutely gorgeous and need to be on display!
Tracy said…
Hi, Becca! Oh, such loveliness!! Those crocheted eggs are so sweet! What a pretty idea... And wonderful to see spring taking shape and bloom there! We've got crocuses in bloom, and some early tulips soon to follow. Spring's arrived early here too--I'll take it... LOL! ;o) Wishing you a BEAUTIFUL spring time and Happy Easter! Thanks for stopping by my place ((HUGS))
Anonymous said…
Becca, Another beautiful post. Love your creativity and the beauty it brings. Yes, keep them out until the end of April. Enjoy your lovely sprIng time too.
Unknown said…
Becca, that cherry tree is gorgeous.
Our snow is beginning to melt, and I am beginning to believe that spring will come, after all! :-)
Anonymous said…
Love these eggs, so pretty. No eggs for me. No littles to hunt for them. Still remember the joy of fonding them as a child. xox
Judy S. said…
Love those eggs, Becca! You're right this is a very early spring, but you don't have to worry about a long hot summer. A couple of hot day maybe if we're lucky!
Kate said…
What a brilliant idea! The neutral thread colors look perfect on those plastic eggs! I should probably start thinking about Easter!
Have a lovely week!
Kate :}
Unknown said…
Your Eggs look beautiful Bec, They look perfect in that basket. One of the gals I used to play cards with had hand painted eggs. They were beautiful. But they were real eggs and she never blew the inside of the egg out. But they didn't smell. I couldn't believe it. She said they were at least 10 years old. How crazy.

Lisa Graham said…
Oh my goodness these are pretty Becca. Prettiest Easter eggs I have ever seen!
Marilyn said…
Lovely crochet work.
The crochet on those natural colored eggs is perfect. Somewhere I've got brightly colored plastic eggs that I had started decoupaging but never finished. Lord only knows where they are now. Happy Spring! Tammy
Catherine said…
No egg decorating for me! But perhaps a little chocolate bunny ear nibbling. ;)
xo Catherine

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