A Few of my Favorite Things

Oh my, have you seen a copy of 

Bella Grace  yet? 

I've been hearing so much about it from all of you lovelies out there, 

for so long now, that I'm probably one of the last to talk about it!   

I did start with the last winter issue, so cozy and heartwarming, and now 

this spring issue is just so lovely! 

I guess I'm telling you this now, because today was one of 

those days where I just felt blah and all I wanted to do was 

surround myself with some of my favorite things. 

So, it was a great day to just sit with my coffee 

and get lost in pages and pages of inspiring stories and images!  

Rain Drops on Roses?  No, just lavender, lots of lavender!   

Looking through the photographs I took while visiting the lavender farms 

in Sequim last year makes me 

eager for warmer days and catching whiffs of lavender while strolling 

through the purple fields. 

Whiskers on Kittens? 

Yes!  I can't resist a sweet kitty face, can you?  Of course I'm especially partial 

to our 3 sweet cats. 

Lucy will often times curl up on my lap while I'm reading and purr until 

she falls asleep. 

Brown Paper Packages Tied up with String...

 ...and speaking of "string," 

I find the process of crocheting covers for stones to be very meditative. 

Well, unless the string you're using to crochet a springtime scarf turns into 

a pile of Raman Noodles!  

(It's actually better now...I've found my mistake and I'm moving on) 

So, while I probably would love to have a "copper kettle" and a pair 

of "warm woolen mittens" I'll just stick to these 

favorite things for now. 

Just sharing this post with you, and thinking about 

some of my favorite 

things has already made me feel less blah.

Enjoy your week my friends! 

Until next time, 



TexWisGirl said…
love your sweet lucy. and the ramen noodles made me laugh. :)
I have never seen this magazine and I have been in the mood for one. So I'll look for it! You got my interest with 'lavender'! Enjoy your evening my friend. Hugs!
I haven't had a chance to read this one yet. It does look lovely! You really have the most exquisite photos, Becca!
Lady Locust said…
Say I wrap packages with brown paper and jute too. When my kids were little, a special present was always wrapped as such:)
Judy S. said…
Haven't heard of that magazine, Becca; it sounds interesting. You are so brave to work with that teeny tiny crochet thread! I think we need some sunshine!
andrea creates said…
I've seen the magazine-it looks great!

Glad you found your (crocheting mistake. I've been stuck on a few knitting projects myself lately.

Have a super day :)
Unknown said…
The lavender photo made my day! Looking out at my brown garden and hoping this Iowa winter has been kind to my favorite lavender plants. Happy Spring!
Catherine said…
Well I am happy that the 'warm woollen mittens' season has almost passed us. Although we really didn't have a bad winter at all. I've seen that magazine but have never purchased it. I will have to look closer at it!

And you know I love those sweet kitty whiskers with those beautiful green eyes!!!

Glad you got out of the blahs!
xo Catherine
CarolHart said…
I remember your lavender photos from last year. They were every bit as gorgeous as these! So glad you are feeling less blah. Have a good day
Kate said…
What a cute post! I haven't seen that magazine, but it looks beautiful!
Kate :}
Kate said…
What a cute post! I haven't seen that magazine, but it looks beautiful!
Kate :}
Lisa Graham said…
Nothing like a bit of pretty crochet, flowers from the garden, and sweet lap kitties to brighten the spirit. Your world looks beautiful!
Anonymous said…
Love your package...and all your photos...xox
Caterina Giglio said…
such a gorgeous feast for the eyes, and those lavender bundles... oh my.. sumptuous!
Wonderful inspiration as always and ohhhh that Lucy face...fabulous. Hope you are doing well....
Unknown said…
Hi Bec, So many wonderful things to make the soul happy.. A wonderful post my friend.

Blue/Purple flowers are my favorite and i always love them.Purple flowers make me feel refreshed.

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