Letting the Cat out of the Bag

It's no secret here, that

nothing starts the New Year off better than a new 

paper bag to play with! 

What is it with cats and bags? 

I had this bag left over from Christmas

I was going to use it to take a few things to Goodwill.

Lucy had other ideas for it.

All that wrestling with a paper bag can get you tired out, 

so then you need to nap in the sunshine. 

Ah…the Good Life! 

I'm playing along with a 365 photo a day on Instagram.

Each week they give you prompts for your photos.

Lucy helped me with  the prompt "Cliche"

I used the first photo for:

Whatever you do, don't let the cat out of the bag!

You can find me HERE if you want to see more.

Have a great week!

I have some crochet goodies to show you next time. :-)



TexWisGirl said…
so very cute - it's the simple things...
Anonymous said…
The things cats find amusing!
S. Etole said…
Bags and boxes can keep a kitty occupied for quite some time. Fun photos.
Crafting Queen said…
Love your bag Lucy, enjoy your nap. :)
Lisa Gordon said…
She is just adorable, Becca!
Catherine said…
Yup. Cats and bags or boxes go together quite well. It makes me wonder why I bought Banjo some new toys for Christmas. He hasn't even played with them but did like sitting in an empty box all Christmas day.
Cats are funny.
xo Catherine
Lisa Graham said…
Lucy is so photogenic! I love this series of photos Becca. It's fun to see them on Instagram too. One time our cat got his head stuck in the handles of a plastic Walmart bag. He ran back and forth from one end of the house to the other in a total panic. We had to catch him and calm him down, then remove the bag. Thes next night, he did it again. It was absolutely hilarious.

Happy New Year Becca! Thanks for your kind words on my blog today. :)
andrea creates said…
We used to always save a grocery bag for our cat when we were growing up..they love them for some reason :)
Happy New Year!!
Alina said…
LOL, so super cute! Thank you for bringing a smile on this bitter cold morning XO
The photos are so cute! I love your pretty header, too, Becca! Hope you have a wonderful 2014!
Lorraine said…
happy new year..love the clean new look of your blog..photos as ever are superb
RURAL said…

She's gorgeous...and paper bags are so alluring.

Unknown said…
Who needs cat toys when you have bags around.. Such cute photos.

She Who Doodles said…
It doesn't take much to keep Kitty happy. No expensive toys needed. Cute pics.
Anonymous said…
Lucy is too cute, and yes, cats have a major addiction when it comes to paper bags, lol! I'm looking forward to the crochet goodies... and lots more in this new year. I moved blogs over to wordpress, hope you will follow me over to my new blog home...
Beth P
CarolHart said…
I'm so glad you stopped by my blog and sent me your blog address. What a lovely site you have! Your photographs are wonderful and I'm in love with all the photos you took of Lucy and her new 'toy'! I too live with a cat. Her name is Peg and she is a three-legged cat who found us 10 years ago. She is a joy. Looking forward to seeing more of your posts and I shall look for you also on IG so I can follow your 365 project! Cheers!
Kate said…
Lucy is adorable!! I'll definitely be following your IG project, how fun!!
Kate :}
Judy S. said…
Cute Lucy pics! She reminds me of my very first kitty.

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