How To Pack A Box Of Inspiration

It's probably another 3 months or so away from our big move.  Still,  I've been going through things in my craft room, trying to organize and pack. 
I guess the Girl Scout motto, "Always Be Prepared" stuck with me through the years.
Moving is stressful enough without the thought of waiting for a moving company to throw everything into a box last minute.

My little space is filled with things that I love,  displayed in a unique fashion and out in the open for 

Unfortunately, those displays of inspiration and eye candy wasn't exactly "move ready" so I decided since I have the luxury of "time" I would start putting things neatly into plastic bins and cardboard moving boxes. 

One of the things I came across was this box of vintage embroidery threads I found at an antique store a couple years back. 
I thought it would be a good time for a packing break and a mini photo shoot to share some of that 
eye candy with you. 

My goal is to enjoy this process and not get overly stressed.  While packing away my things, I still listen to my favorite music, drink a glass of wine, burn some candles & incense, drink a glass of wine,  and still keep a small area for a dose of inspiration.  
Oh, and did I mention drink a glass of wine? 

Here's a little peek at an embroidery piece I'm working on...
I think it's time to stop the packing for now and finish this, after all Valentine's Day is almost here! 
I think hearts are beautiful any time of year though, don't you? 

Thanks for visiting and taking a break with me ladies! 

A big hug...


Gillian Olson said…
Wow, I remember my Mum using embrodery thread like that, I sure brings back memories.
Sounds as if your packing is coming along. It is good to take breaks though, and a glass of wine here and there doesn't hurt either. Good luck with the packing Becca,
You are smart to organize now. You'll know right where to find things and enjoy them. What a pretty piece you are embroidering. I love the pink flowers. My mom just brought me an old box of embroidery thread from my 91 year old Nana.
TexWisGirl said…
started laughing out loud about the glasses of wine. perhaps it is because i've had 2 of my own w/ my dinner tonight?! :)
I want to learn to do embroidery's been years! Your pretty colors are so cheery! ♥
Unknown said…
I love your pictures, all that luscious thread is wonderful. I have my ribbons displayed in glass canning jars so I can see all that wonderful color in my sewing room. I don't have the endurance to do very many embroidery projects. Your project is looking good so far.
lol..this reminds me of me! When I do interior painting a little Scotch makes all things easier!
Lori Saul said…
I have always loved embroidery and I love just looking through the color skeins and dreaming. I just discovered your beautiful blog and look forward to returning!
Unknown said…
Your photos look pretty my friend. Best of luck to you with your packing..

Hugs, Linda
jackie said…
Enjoy the process, don't get stressed.Life has so many awful things to throw at us, so keep your energy for when they hit you.
Lovely old threads.
andrea creates said…
how nice~even the labels are pretty :)
Tracy said…
What loveliness those vintage skeins of embroidery threats, Becca... and your floral embroidery in progress is so pretty! I think you are wise to make the most of your time now before your move to organize and pack, but also to enjoy as well. No, can't forget the wine. ;o) Happy Days, my friend ((HUGS))
Anonymous said…
Nice that you have the luxury of a little time to organize so that when you arrive in Seattle you can open a box and begin crafting your beauties right away, that will really take the stress away. xox corrine
Diane said…
I would say that this is the most stress-free way to move--if there is such a thing.
Love all of this eye candy.....
Numinosity said…
So in my travels I guess I missed that you are moving. Seattle eh? I think it's great that you are taking meditative breaks whilst packing. It's a good way to re-bond with your belongings and make them feel special and wanted. Great photos of the threads!
xoxo Kim
Barb said…
I loved the eye candy, happy packing and thank you for sharing. Just can't beat the neat finds at an antique store.
Justine said…
moving is so stressful! I always keep a pad and pencil by my bed for those 3am moments! sounds like you will be very organised. I love all your shots in this post, makes me want to take out my embroidery again.
RURAL said…
Becca, funny how your move and packing up comes just as I am unpacking. Finding all of my supplies...sigh, wonderful, so wonderful. After all it's been a year since I've seen most of them.

I kind of wished that I had packed a box of inspiration, to be opened when I needed to see it again, or anytime I felt "down", because I understand now how much it could have helped me through that long year. Just being able to touch, and maybe work with some of my materials during the transition time would have helped.

We had such a space crunch, and there wasn't really any place to put a box of inspiration. So it was all packed up.

Now I am opening up boxes in my studio, and it's like going to the store and buying all the supplies I need to help me express the creativity that has laid dormant for a year.

It might be something for you to think about, even if your move isn't as long.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams
I knew that wasn't any new floss as they sure don't wrap them like that anymore. Very pretty! Sure wish I could join you for a glass of wine! Your stitching is lovely. Have a good weekend. Tammy
starseasons said…
Becca, I missed your post of where/why you are moving. I know you have wanted to move to the beach. Has your dream come true?
Lisa Gordon said…
I don't blame you for getting a jump n the packing Becca. The last thing I would want is for the moving people to toss things around for me.

Love this old floss. I still have some of my Grandmother's floss. I just keep it in a bag, and look at it every once in awhile. She was such a talented stitcher. I did not inherit that talent!! :-)

Sending you wishes for a beautiful weekend dear Friend!

Pamela said…
First off I love this song! My favourite station out of Toronto...Jazz FM plays this tune alot! Thank goodness I can listen over the web!
These photos are great!! Love the vibrant colours! Your home is so warm and inviting Becca!
How smart you are to pack a box of inspiration!!!
Are you counting the months??
Oh I love the wine part best :))!!!
Pamela xo
Catherine said…
Oh very smart girl staying ahead of the game! I love that you are packing slowly and enjoying yourself while you are doing it. A refreshing beverage always makes light of work! Haha! You know I love the inspiring colors my friend!

Happy weekend to you!
xo Catherine
Jillayne said…
What a wonderful approach to packing up a room full of creativity!
It sounds like the best way to avoid stress that I know!
have a wonderful weekend Becca,
GardenOfDaisies said…
You are smart to start the packing process while you have the luxury of time. At the end, you will be throwing things into whatever box still has space.
Hi Becca
thanks for taking a peep at my blog, always nice to be in contact with a cat and crafts person.
I have tried and tried with the shuttle tatting, I cant even get started, this bit about getting the stitches onto the other thread has me stuck, I have tried it so many times, I must be thick.......
But....needle tatting is sooooo easy in comparison, I love it.
But that doesn't stop me from fuming over the fact that I can't get the shuttle going, I hate to be beaten.
Look forward to reading your blog in the future
Such lovely photos, Becca! Wonderful thread colors...and I just love the old pretty! You sound like you have a good start on the packing!
wow your blog is amazing - such wonderful photography. What kind of camera and lens do you use for close up?
Terrie said…
Moving is always stressful - sounds like you have the right idea to start early and make it as much fun as possible. You've taken some GREAT photos - pretty colors and great closeups.
Lisa Graham said…
Lovely post Becca...yes, I am with you on the wine. A nice little glass can help you pack any sort of box.
Judy S. said…
Looks like a pretty piece of embroidery, Becca. Interesting floss; I've not seen that kind.

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