Where I Create...

Welcome Bloggers! 
My art room is actually our guest room that I've managed to fill every extra nook and cranny with inspiration and my art. 
Here to greet you are my two studio cats, 
Shatzie and Fetzer.

Hurry and grab a seat before Fetzer beats you to it! 

Along this side of the wall I've managed to squeeze in 2 computer desks and a lot of my stuff.
As you can see, my "workspace" is small, so I try to stick to smaller projects.

The only problem is, I like to "dabble" in a bit of every media, therefore it's easy to run out of space. 

So, what I try to do is utilize my small space by storing my supplies in plastic bins in my closet. 

I am so lucky to have a MIL that when she visits she doesn't mind hanging her clothes on a hook on the door. :-)

I am always on the look out for interesting containers to store art supplies that are "out in the open."
Some of my favorites are vintage tins, and Ball jars. 

Vintage spools are among some of my most favorite things.

One of my favorite pieces is this "antique looking" library card catalogue file.
I have longed for the real thing, but found this one at Target and it was so much more affordable than an antique. 

Here's another option for "vintage." 
I loved the look of the vintage locker baskets, but with the shipping costs it was always so expensive to buy on line, so with a little paint, stain, and help from a blogging friend, I created "the look" with out the cost! 

Right now, they hold some of my favorite Somerset Studio magazines and my most used fibers, 
lace, burlap, and muslin.

One of the most important things I love about my studio is where I get my inspiration.
A photo of my husband, or creative gifts from friends are everywhere, so I am surrounded with love and art. 

I am usually never alone in my art room.
This is Fetzer's spot when he is bird watching.

Or just napping...

...and here's Shatzie,
she just likes to be near me.

The afternoons in my studio provide some beautiful, warm light,
perfect for photos, creating art, or just taking a little snooze,

 to the faint sound of the wind chimes.

Thank you so much for visiting,
I do hope you'll drop by again sometime!

Thank you Karen for another fun party!

Hope to see everyone there!



Unknown said…
I just LOVE everything about your room.. You captured it perfectly my friend. It looks just as wonderful in person as it does in your photo.. Thanks for putting my little tag in there.. That made me smile.. Along with all your kitty photos.. And your closes look wonderful..

Hope you have a wonderful Trip..

Hugs, Linda
Geri said…
What a beautiful blog and wonderful work! Thanks for joining artsee bloggers,
Cathy G. said…
What a wonderful and magical space you have! I love all your storage solutions and how organized you are for a smaller area! Truly inviting and I can see why you love to relax as well as create there! Your kitty knows a great space when he sees it!!
I am inspired!
Cathy G
Maggie said…
Your photos are beautiful. I love how many of us include our cats and dogs in our pics of our studios...our little helpers! Fun to visit your space.

Who wouldn't love to stay in your guest bedroom? It is awesome! Your paintings are so pretty. I also love your cat napping.....so tranquil!
Hudson's Holidays
Clare said…
These pics need to go into a magazine or something - absolutely stunning - you are very lucky to have such a special place to create in.
Darla said…
Your area is very nice. I love all the unique pieces you have for storing crafting items. 'll be looking for those crates now.
andrea creates said…
your guest room/art space is just spectacular! every corner looks amazing~i definitely can't say that about my own studio, but this is really inspiring :)
Diane said…
What a beautiful room you have Becca, not to mention a great art space---great tips on organizing too--you've given me some ideas--I just moved my art room into a larger area in my home...
Catherine said…
Your craft room is so dreamy Becca! I love the little twinkle lights and of course, kitties make the perfect accessories! Ha! No wonder your creative juices get flowing while you are in that sweet room!

Hope you have a lovely weekend friend!
xo Catherine
Looks like you could escape to your room for a year and never come out..except to get some milk for the kitties...
TexWisGirl said…
what a great studio. the comfy cats make it perfect. :) i LOVE your hair. just beautiful!
Wendy Aspinall said…
what a wonderful happt space you have ... it comes over even in the photo how nice and sunny it is ... thank you for sharing your creative space and your furry friends hugs wendy at http://blissaangels.blogspot.com pop over!
Natascha said…
What a beautiful space. It looks like a room I would have a hard time leaving. Warm cozy and inviting!
Anonymous said…
A pretty and inspiring room!
Thanks for sharing your space. I love your photos, so much natural light. I feel like I was actually there. Hugs!
Anonymous said…
Fantastic post Becca, can I come live in that guest room, wow, it's beautiful. So peaceful and serene. Your organization is amazing as are some of the wonderful peeks at your ongoing projects. Love the moon! And the fiber. Yum, yum. The kitties have it made!!! xox Corrine
RURAL said…
OH Becca, I am inspired just touring your room on this blog. What a gorgeous place to create.

And that library catalougue oh....sigh. My first job was as a library tech, so it has special meaning to me. Too bad we don't have Targets here..

What a stunning collection.

Thanks so much for sharing.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams
Pamela said…
What a beautiful and tranquil room
Becca! I love it. Your bed is beautiful and love all the ways you have displayed things.
I feel so peaceful visiting. I am just having my morning coffee...after a long night of working and this is the perfect way to start my day!
It's Sam's 12th birthday today too!

Your photo is beautiful by the way!!
Jan E O said…
Wow, can tell you are a photographer because the pictures are beautiful Love what you have done with the guest room and the bed looks really comfy. Can I lay on it and watch you work? I promise to pet the cat while I am there.
Rosie Grey said…
This is such a wonderful post, Becca! Thanks for showing me around - I love how you have stored everything and also to see all your creativity there! And of course Fetzer and Shatzi - I already missed them...! ;-) Have a wonderful weekend!
christina said…
hi beautiful!
ooooohhhh i just love this tour. i could just squeeze in that chair and no one would notice; ) did you say - target? really- please tell me more.
Liz-Anna said…
As a fellow dabbler in many media, I understand the challenge of finding spaces for every different thing! Thanks for sharing your creative space!
ELK said…
this is a lovely spot .. very creative feelings coming from every angle .. so nice to have your studio assistants as well!
Numinosity said…
All perfection and the embodiment of creative tidiness. I must say that your pieces that I won in your giveaway exude that same vibration on my bureau, which I do manage to keep rather neat. My studio on the other hand...well... I need help in that department!
xoxo Kim
Pretty Things said…
Oh my gosh, there's not a single thing I don't like. Truly. Am going to have to follow your blog now!

I hope you have time to visit my creative spaces!
Justine said…
Wow what a wonderful glimpse into your world, I really enjoyed that. The pictures were fantastic and it all looks so welccoming and such a lovely place to work and what a lovely photo of you!
Halle said…
Oh my gosh! I would love a room like yours...heck, I'd even love to visit a room like yours. Someday..we'll have a guest room. Someday...I'll turn it into a studio...a real studio. :)
mama bleu said…
Wow, your art room is so cozy! How can you stand to work in there with an inviting bed to nap in and a comfy chair to read a good book in?
Judy S. said…
What a lovely creative space you have, Becca! I enjoyed your Pike Place Market photos, too. Hope it wasn't as crazy there as it was when we took our visitors....very crowded and lines out the door at Starbucks #1! And it was a Thursday. Great kitty photos!
Lily's Lace said…
It all looks wonderful Becca and I love the photos of your kitty. I love cat people, we all speak the same language. We are creative,patient and inspiring people! That is if I do say so myself, wonderful job!:)
Love the warm organic look to your blog and your work space. SO inviting with the textures, colors and music. I think I'm going to plop onto one of those comfy couches, snuggle with your cat and soak it all in.
Rika said…
What a wonderful space!
MaygreenFairies said…
What a wonderful creative space, I adore some of your storage ideas, you must feel very inspired creating in that room. Thanks for sharing. Mandy
lilylovekin said…
Your studio space is SO neat and organized!! I love how you have used the closet for storage. You inspire me to work on my own space. Have a good weekend.
Holly Loves Art said…
A very B E A U T I F U L space! Love how creative you are with your photography! Wonderful! Love your kitties too. They are darling.
Leanne said…
Such a lovely space. Love that you went for affordability too. But how did you "fake" the locker basket? I'd love to know!
What a delightful space for creating. And the kitty cats add so much warmth and charm. I'd feel right at home in that room.
What a lovely use of your guest bedroom. I love that desk unit and the entire room looks very cozy and inviting.

I joined in last year, but my basement still has all those boxes in it since the remodel. I am just now hoping to see the light of day. So of course, I didn't join in, but I'm glad to see you have. I'm totally impressed with your space.
Georgianna said…
Hello, Becca! Your space is wonderful! I also have tons crammed into the guest room, which if you come to stay you will see! :)

It looks a very peaceful and creative space. And how could it not be with those two companions! Love the photo of you and can't wait to meet you next time. xo – g
Jo said…
Such beautiful treasures! Thanks for the tour.
Claudia said…
Ah, what a beautiful space! Your photos are beautiful. So are your kitties. Thanks for the tour.
Unknown said…
Your workspace may be smallish but you have a whole lotta fabby stuff to work with. And lovely studio assistants belonging to the furry family. I am really excited about the project I see you working on. Nice! Thanks for showing us your space, *smiles* Norma
Caterina Giglio said…
your space is beautiful.... just like you!
Sandra Kaye said…
You have a great space. Just beautiful. I too like to many mediums. Fabric is my fav but I like other stuff too. Thanks for sharing. Sandie
Your space is beautiful, Becca! Looks like such a wonderful place to create! Though I'm afraid with that inviting bed and cozy chair...I'd be looking just like your cats!!
kluless said…
You have done a wonderful job creating a space for yourself and I love your artwork AND your photography. Bravo!
Good Morning, Becca,
I think we could be best friends...I love vintage, cats and inspirational cards and photos too. Your studio is perfect and I would love to visit in person!

Thank you for sharing your creative space with us. I hope you have time to stop over to visit mine...there's a little giveaway at the end.

Happy Monday ~Natalie
Unknown said…
What a great workspace! I love how you have everything squirreled away into nooks and crannies! And I see so many interesting projects all around .... Lots of inspiration and ideas everywhere!
Niina said…
What a joy to read your blog. Images are so beautiful and your cats are so lovely.
Very lovely room you have for crafting. Greetings from Finland
Karen Valentine said…
Becca your photos are wonderful! I think you did an amazing job making that room multifunctional! It looks like a great place hang out and create! Thank you so much for sharing it with us this year!
GardenOfDaisies said…
Becca, your space is so lovely and soothing, with the natural outdoor elements and candles. I like that you use stones to hold your paintbrushes. And at the same time your space is inspirational, with all your art and craft materials right where you can easily see them. I love the vintage locker bins and tins. Your cats sure know the best room in the house! :-) Like you, I only have part of a room to work with, as I share my sewing area with the office.
Tracy said…
Ooo... I just LOVE your little work room, Becca! You have crammed so much goodies in one space... I'm quite dazzled how you've manage to store everything and keep so much order and decoration! Like you, I dabble in a lot of things--painting, jewelry making, knitting, sewing... I may have to downsize some day...LOL! Thanks for sharing your wonderful space with us. And your Shatzie looks so much like our Charlie! :o) Happy Days ((HUGS))
Terri said…
What a way to show us how to make the most out of the space you have. Beautiful photos that helped take us on a wonderful tour our your space and thanks for the relaxing music!
Lovey said…
So much to see and ooh over...really cozy and simply beautiful!
Donna said…
I would gladly stay in that guest/craft room and snuggle with your darling cats!!! What a wonderful place!!!
Anonymous said…
So glad I found yo - love your blog - I AM INSPIRED!
Lisa Gordon said…
What a wonderful space you have Becca! Everything looks so "together." Thank you for sharing it here.

I hope you are having a fantastic week!
Such a lovely space and a beautiful creative world you have there! Your space is as pretty as your blog! I'll be back to visit you more often. Isn't this party fun? It's taking me a long time to visit everyone, but I'll do it however long it takes me.
Thanks for sharing.
Tammy said…
That was a very relaxing tour with the windchimes and birds chirping! Perfect for my morning moment, blog hopping with a cup of coffee. ;) Your room is beautiful and you have some great vintage pieces for storing your supplies.
Thanks for sharing,
This was a lovely tour. I loved your room and the things and cats that were there. I am inspired by many projects also and feel at home in your studio.
Unknown said…
Love your cozy creative space. I specially love how your cats seem to love the space best.
I adore those locker baskets
Thanks for the tour.
Rita Barakat said…
What a great room! I love all the vintage items too!
Aloha Becca,
I would love to be a guest in your guestroom, it's lovely and inviting.
It's amazing how you can combine your guestroom and your art room. I love how you've organized your supplies and I adore your card catalog chest.
Thank you so much for the tour and thank you for sharing your marvelous artwork. I've enjoyed this visit.
bobbie said…
Your space is absolutely gorgeous!!! I don't know that I'd ever get any drafting done ~ I'd just want to curl up and dream!!!
Thanks for sharing your space ~
Lynnae said…
Gorgeous pictures. I would love to be a guest in your room, though you might hear me snooping around late at night trying to peek at all your cool stuff! Hahaha. Thanks for sharing.
Renee said…
You have such a pretty guest room and craft room. Love all your storage.

Your kitties are so cute, too.
I've some catching up to do. Your "SPACE" is awesome. Love your style of decorating. It gave me the urge to go rearrange...but it's 4AM and I might wake my DH.
Fetzer and Shatzie are heartwarmers!! They just capture a heart don't they?
Thanks for sharing your lovely post. Enjoy the weekend.
Lynn Stevens said…
What a beautiful and creative space. Anyone would love to be a guest in that room. even if the clothes were hung on a hook.
hugs Lynn
Katy Noelle said…
Oh, wow, Becca! What a cave of delights! It makes me want to go and sit down and create something, myself.

and, nothing - nothing - can beat that cat in a complete fuzzed ball of sleep!

Very fun! Very fun!!!=]

Love, Me (again!)

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