Inspired by Nature

Hello my friends...
I'm back from our visit to the Pacific Northwest.
Oh, how I am missing that beautiful weather they have up there in the summertime!
Here in Las Vegas it was 111 degrees fahrenheit yesterday.  Ugh!!
 But, rather than bore you with my whining about the heat here,  I thought I'd share with you some of my memories and photographs of a place we got to stay for a couple of days.

in Leavenworth, Washington.

While my hubby was busy during the day in conference meetings, (don't worry, he still got lots of breaks, good food, and of course these woods as a view. :-)
I went on photo walks, sketched in my journal, and read, but sometimes I would just sit quietly, enjoying the beauty that surrounded me.

I was entertained by the many birds and squirrels here. 

Wait,'s a pine cone falling from a tree.

The sun breaks through the clouds...

Art hangs from the trees. 

Even from indoors, things like this would catch my eye. 

the sound of water...

translucent leaves in sunlight...

Isn't it funny how all of your thoughts of stress and work disappear when you are simply letting nature inspire you? 

Thank you for "re-visiting" this place with me. :-)

I do hope you'll come back soon because I still want to show you the 
"Organic Garden."  

Wishing all of my friends in the USA a safe and happy Independence Day! 



Susan Freeman said…
What beautiful photos!!

Susan and Bentley
lilylovekin said…
Such a lovely green, and lush place you got to visit for a few days so different than home. Have a safe a happy holiday yourself.
TexWisGirl said…
really beautiful. looks like it smells like a forest. :) love leaf shots and you gave us some beauties!
Wow, I can only imagine all that beauty. Like you, what I'm now dealing with is extreme heat and humidity, so the lush northwest is well worth seeing, even if it is only in pictures. And of course, your photos are above and beyond gorgeous. I'm always impressed.
Hi Becca, Beautiful shots, love the dreamy, soft look. Would you mind answering a question: Do you get that look in camera using a lensbaby lens or through editing? Take care:)
Lisa Gordon said…
How wonderful this must have been Becca!
The last shot here seems to say it all!
Have a great start to your week!
Anonymous said…
Amazing photos and nature dear Becca!

Have a great week.
Oh how beautifu! Such a tranquil place to sit and relax. Looking at your wonderful photos I can even imagine that wonderful woodsy smell. So nice!
Darla said…
Tranquility defined!
Tracy said…
Welcome home, Becca! Such little slices of heaven, this place... *sigh*... I feel like I've been on vacation just looking at all of this. ;o) Happy Days ((HUGS))
Jillayne said…
111 degrees - yikes! I don't blame you at all for missing the cooler north-west weather!
The place you stayed in Leavenworth looks amazing - I have been to Leavenworth and think it's just beautiful there - lucky you!
And art in trees? That must have been the bonus plan!
Pamela said…
You belong here!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love those glass things hanging from the trees so cool!
Now you know what it looks like where i live!
I know your dream is coming!!!

Happy July4th to my very good American friend!!
Pamela xoxo
What a photographers dream. I can only imagine the peace and tranquility you must feel there. Your pictures are beautiful. We reached the triple digits this week to. Is it too soon to say FALL? Have a fun 4th of July.
Heartwideopen said…
Oh how beautiful! Leavenworth never looked prettier than through your camera lens. It's one of my favorite places to visit!!! Have a great 4th! I love the sounds of nature playing on your blog too!

;-) Debi
Justine said…
this looks such a beautiful tranquil place to be, absolutely wonderful!
Dianne said…
what a beautiful place, and cute art hanging in the trees. silence in the forest is so sweet to the spirit...
Tammie Lee said…
Becca, it looks like you had a wonderfully nurturing time. Looks like a beautiful place to just be.
ELK said…
welcome back ..although with a place such as this it is a sweet memory to hold close ..just so pretty ..each photo!
Unknown said…
These are all such wonderful photos.. Just think one day you might be saying I can't wait to visit the desert again.. "NOT". It truly looks like a magical place..
Anonymous said…
What a fantastic relaxing spot, I would never want to leave that wooded glade. Thanks for sharing your ever special view through the lens. xox corrine
Catherine said…
Oh Becca ~ truly that was a little piece of heaven you were staying at. Fantastic! All your photos are beautiful. Wonderful colors wonderful light ~ love it!

xo Catherine
Hello Becca, how nice is this wonderful place in the nature! Die Szenen sehen aus wie im Wilden Westen.
√úbersetzung von Deutsch nach Englisch
I wish I was there....
xoxo Birgit
It seems like you are in another world when you visit a place like this! We have some mountain property and it's so nice to rest and relax on the land...really think and ponder! Enjoy your week! Your photos are wonderful! ♥
Ahhh Becca, that's a whole lot of OXYGEN coming through those images - makes me miss the cool of my mother country (Denmark) where everything is also beautifully green and lush. I can imagine the lovely animal life going on just outside those windows!
P.S. I for one do no blame you for whining a little in those kinds of temperatures - it's hard to think when it's that hot.
Anonymous said…
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Marilyn said…
So lovely and peaceful. Beautiful photos and your soundtrack goes so well with them.

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