The Garden at Dusk

In the cool of a garden
when evening draws in
Serenity waits where the shadows begin.

In the fragrance of dusk and the murmur of clover

The cares that we carry pass peacefully over.

Flowers in the fullness shed blessing about
and the turmoil of living fades quietly out.

Hope glimmers through with the evening star

And anxieties shrink to the size that they are. 

(poetry by Joyce Grenfell)

I found this metal bird cage a local antique shop. 
It's rather large and heavy, so I wasn't sure where to put it so for now,  I have it in my courtyard.
I placed the metal patina bell chime inside.

Hope you are enjoying the weekend! 



Brenda Pruitt said…
Becca, these photos are simply amazing! Amazing!
ELK said…
I am enjoying my stop right here ..such pretty light in your photos~~
lilylovekin said…
Love your fairy lights. the poem is so peaceful, my spirit quieted down after reading it. Yes I'm having a good week-end, I hope the same for you.
andrea creates said…
beautiful poem-it's all so dreamy and peaceful looking :)
Daydream Living said…
This is truly a beautiful post, love the poem and your photo's are super! Thanks for sharing this,
Maureen x
Anonymous said…
I'm a nut for birdcages. Big or small. They're all so fanciful.

Catherine said…
How wonderful your garden looks in the evening Becca. It looks so lovely and warm. Would you believe we had a bit of snow today? Honestly. It did not stay but it was depressing just the same.

I am hoping for sunshine tomorrow!
xo Catherine
Pamela said…
Your photos are gorgeous Becca!
I am completely brain drained right now after finishing 6hrs of training today and having had four glasses of wine to destress lol!
The weather here is so beautiful and warm finally!!

I can no longer enjoy your beautiful music because of our insane licensing restrictions in Canada! They take the fun out of everything here! I keep meaning to post about this! Your great playlist comes up blank now :(

Hope you are having a great weekend!!
Pamela xo
Paula said…
Ah, Becca - it is all so lovely x
Dorthe said…
Hi Becca, such a beautiful post,photoes and poem--and your birdcage is just GORGEUS- I love it.
Justine said…
my favourite time of the day is dusk and you have captured that beautiful light so perfectly, wow, what lovely shots and I love your lamp
Diane said…
Beautiful photos and perfect bird cage!
Unknown said…
Such amazing photos.. I just love that poem..

Hugs, Linda
genie said…
Your photos are awesome this week, and your poetry is lovely. Visiting your blog has become such a treat for me. The bell shot has to be my favorite of the series though the last one is amazing.
Lisa Gordon said…
Looks like a beautiful place to be, at a wonderful time of day. These are magnificent Becca!
a wonderful place to be! love your gorgeous photos Becca!
Unknown said…
What a gorgeous cage, it looks so perfect in the courtyard setting! Wonderful poetry to match, thanks for sharing!
Unknown said…
Wonderful! You did a great job of capturing the time of day! :) You pics are awesome!

Have a great week!
Lynn said…
Beautiful photography , what a lovely way to start my day :)
If you are still interested, Martha's class is open again for registration at
Anonymous said…
Such a wonderful time of day as the last light leaves and everything is bathed in a golden hue. xox Corrine
Judy S. said…
Love that bird cage and bell! Nice photos, Becca.
Lorraine said…
love you photos I can almost feel all the atmosphere
GardenOfDaisies said…
Thank you for your kind words. And for the peacefulness found in the poetry and images of your blog. I needed this today.
Oh these photos are lovely, Becca...I love the progression of the shots...really beautiful!
Becky Shander said…
Gorgeous images of glimmer and light. And enjoy your new's a wonderful addition to your warm and inviting surroundings.
Lynn Stevens said…
Becca you are so very talented with your photography.
Also a heads up, you won swecond place in my blog candy giveaway. The box is alrweady spoken for. but you have the next choice.
Thanks Hugs Lynn
Nancy said…
Your photos verse are beautiful and I think your wonderful bird cage has found the perfect home--looks great :)
What a wonderful birdcage! And when you find something you love, you can always find a place for it! ♥ I need a few more things in my courtyard! ♥
Unknown said…
What a cool birdcage and I love the bell! Beautiful photos Becca .... I love how the string of lights shows up as round orbs. Beautiful!
Tracy said…
Oh, Becca... LOVE, love, love the magic glow in this photos series! :o) Happy Days ((HUGS))
You pictures are simply gorgeous. I immediately ran to my kitchen and made me a cup of tea. Thanks for the inspiration!

Paula of Ivy & Elephants.

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