Learning to sew

Hi everyone, as I mentioned last week, I have been practicing my sewing and followed the directions carefully and learned how to make a quilted book cover! 

I know, this "quilting" part isn't considered difficult quilting, but for someone like me that is learning to sew on my own, I was pleased with how it turned out. 

I have a friend at work that saw this and wants me to make one for her bible.  Hopefully, I can get the measurements right.  
I'm more of a fabric, "collagey," "you want me to measure what?" kind of gal. LOL! 

...but, now I'm kind of tempted to try another one.  Maybe I'll get crazy and practice some "free motion" on the front instead of straight lines, what do you think? 

I must tell you though, that my new blogging friend, Jillayne, from "A Fine Seam" www.quiltingfabrications.blogspot.com
has encouraged me, and is helping me along over the internet, to learn some basic quilting tips, and a fun project.  Here in the photo, I am reading her instructions, and learning how to make a yo-yo.  I've never made one of those before! 

This is Fetzer thinking I should drink less wine and pay more attention to Jillayne's instructions! 

One of my favorite parts to this project is the hand stitching.  I find it so relaxing. 
If you get a chance, you should head on over to Jillayne's blog here and see the beautiful work she does!

Finally, I am sad to tell you that the only quilting store near where I live, Nancy's Quilt Shop, is closing it's doors forever!  
Everything was 50% off, so I bought some beautiful quilting bundles, but I would rather see them stick around.  Of course, there's still the larger craft places to buy fabric, but the quilting shops are so different and fun. 

This has been a long & stressful work week for me and I feel like I haven't had much time to get caught up on blogging or creating,  so I'm looking forward to the weekend, where hopefully I'll have a bit more time to play.
Hope you're looking forward to a fun and eventful weekend too! 


If a glass of wine is allowed there might be hope for me! I never learned to sew but I can imagine the possibilities...
I think it's wonderful you are learning something new! Looks beautiful and I love the applique flowers, too! Fetzer's adorable with the yo-yo on his head!
Anonymous said…
Love your "long-suffering" puss!!!
You have done a great job with the journal cover. it's great to sew isn't it? I didn't start sewing until I was in my 40's!!
I'm not brilliant now, but it's fun to be able to "make things"!!
Lynn Stevens said…
Gorgeous Becca! Like the yoyo on your kitty! LOL
What a wonderful job you did and I love all your fabric! The yo-yo hat on kittie is just too cute. Enjoy your weekend...be creative. Blessings, Patty
Caryl said…
Yup I am also one of those, measure what? kinda gals. I also love the glass of wine while working idea. I have done that a few times in the past and produced some interesting stuff :o)
You always get such great deals when a store is going out of business...it's always sad to see them go though! I think the wine is a great idea and you've done a really good job! I have sewed for my whole life and made LOTS of things...but never a yo yo or anything quilted! And I'm like you.. I love the hand stitching! ♥ I'm proud of you! ♥
Marty Mason said…
I think your book cover is perfect and so is Fetzer's yo-yo between-the-ear-pin!!

Always sad when one of our fun, locally owned stores closes their doors. Even if/when the economy thrives again, these delightful stores will not reopen. The big craft stores just do not have the same quality fabrics that I've grown to love, so I resort to online shopping. More expensive, but at least I can find quality.
Jillayne said…
What a great book cover! Your machine quilting stitch looks awfully good too Becca so I think you are well on your way. And the yo yo is much cuter on Fetzer than the it would have been on the runner anyway!
Unknown said…
Hi Bec,
I think your book cover looks great. I just love the colors of fabric you pick out.. My fav. is the flowers with the stiching. Hey they would look nice on a card..
I hope you have a wonderful day. and it's almost the weekend my friend. Talk with you soon!
Catherine said…
Look at you go girl! Good for you! I've never been much of a sewer but wish I could be. You inspire me! Such pretty fabric and fun projects.

Hope you are having a lovely weekend Becca ~ it is so cold and rainy here (it's been raining for 3 days). But at least I will catch up on my blog reading today! :)

Take care friend,
xo Catherine
Pamela said…
Hi Becca!

Your a brave girl to tackle this sewing thing. My sewing machine keeps looking at me wondering when i am going to try it ! I think i'll stick to the wine lol!!
I love yo-yo quilts and have wanted one since i was little! Maybe i should make one they don't seem to bad to make.

Hope your job isn't stressing you out too much!
Have a great weekend
Pamela xo
.Trudi Sissons said…
Ewwwwww,,,, I'm drooling over the beautifully vibrant colors and - did I see a square pin cushion there? Love it!
Unknown said…
Your book cover is sooo pretty! I love the handles, too. Makes it easier to carry several things at once.

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