Eternal Sunshine

After visiting one of my blog friends today, 
Noelle's post got me thinking about what was blooming in my garden right now? 
Noelle lives in a climate similar to mine when you compare summer temperatures, but the desert where she lives receives more rain in the summer, or what is known as the 

So, what's "blooming" in my garden right now?  Well, not that much really, it's all I can do to just keep what's still green from turning brown and crunchy from the high and dry heat.

I'm not sure this thing is really working, but you get the idea. 

Here's something in my garden that loves the dry desert soil and heat, 
the Mexican Fan Palm.
This thing grows like a weed here and eventually gets so tall you will probably have to hire someone to trim the palm fronds. 

Humm, even the fake grass looks a little brown in this photo. LOL
I guess that makes it appear more "real."

Not exactly a desert tortoise, but this guy hangs around to remind me of how much I love the ocean. 

The only kind of umbrella we need here is a big one to provide some relief from the suns rays. 

This Lantana does well in our desert soil, and just about the only "color" I have right now.
I think in a few more weeks as the morning and evening temperatures cool off I will plan on adding some container color, but for now it's all about keeping what I do have from burning in the sun. 
This post goes out to all of my blogging friends who have posted about the cold and rainy weather they are experiencing right now. (I would love some of your cooler and rainy).

Here's sending a little of our Eternal Sunshine your way! 



Don't you know we are all about done with this heat..saw on the news that rain is on the way..stay cool until then...
Catherine said…
I love your sun thermometer! Goodness but it looks hot there ~ and here I am ~ so cool and rainy. :(

Let's share! :)
xo Catherine
Unknown said…
I can feel your pain girlfriend...
Just think maybe one day you will be blogging about too much rain and I will still be here complaining about the heat.. And my burned up plants..

Chat with u soon!
Hugs, Linda
Brenda Pruitt said…
I am sure loving the textures here!
lilylovekin said…
I love the umbrella photo, it makes me want to sit under it hot temp or not.
Pamela said…
I love your palm trees Becca! Believe or not i have seen some of those here on the island.
Great photos much bright sunshine.

I'm digging through my stuff and when i find that yo yo piece i will email you the photo!

Stay cool!
Pamela xo
Jillayne said…
We are hot and dry here and burning up all around: the air is filled with the haze of smoke from the fires and it makes for such an interesting light.Pinky-grey with a hint of yellow and bathes the whole town in the most ethereal light - if it wasn't for the reason why, I would think it was fabulous. I hope it cools off soon for you and you can have some fun with your potting plants!
Ralph said…
Now there are times when I would love to be able to complain about the heat but then I grow marvellous vegetables and to do that I need rain . A lovely blog
Holly Knott said…
Your photos are great. I really love the golden umbrella shot. (And I'm enjoying your playlist - Pineapple Princess is a new one to me!)
Hi Becca,

Thank you so much for the kind mention in your post. Your photos are just beautiful. I think that we are so lucky to live in the desert, because even though it is hot and we spend time is still beautiful outdoors and I can see it from my window. I would prefer that much more then being shut up inside in winter with cold temps and a brown landscape. Wouldn't you?

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