Song lyrics by Paul Simon
(turn your sound on if you care to listen along with this post)

(The following photographs were taken by me with a digital Nikon.)

"You give us those nice bright colors"

"You give us the greens of summers"

"Makes you think all the worlds a sunny day...oh yeah!"

"I got a Nikon camera, I love to take a photograph"

(stock photo)

(stock photo)
"So mama, don't take my Kodachrome away"

Celebrating 75 years



Great photos! And the song....I know it by heart! My hubby thinks that Coneheads is a classic and that song is one of the best parts of the movie! heehee! ♥
What gorgeous photos. Such diverse scenes but each is striking in it's own way. Okay, let's talk books. One author, one book...what would you recommend. I need to broaden my horizon. Patty
Catherine said…
Love it! Such a good song ~ and what terrific photos!

Happy Day!
xo Catherine
Ah yes, I remember those days! And I just had a thought that there are probably kids right now that would not even know what we are talking about...YIKES!!
Daydream Living said…
Hi Becca!

Thank you so much for visiting! I love this whole blogging thing! You live in Las Vegas? I've been there ones, very hot! Lovely to meet you, have a good weekend!

Unknown said…
Oh, these photographs are wonderful. I love this song, and when I heard that it was difficult to get this film, this song went through my mind. Your photography is stunning. So nice to meet you.
fun post...i love paul simon! thanks for visiting my blog and nice to meet you too!
Hello dear Becca,
thanks for stopping by at my blog. Such a wonderful blog you have. Georgeous photos. And... I love the song from Paul Simon very much ;-).
xoxo Birgit
what a fantastic blog post! Love this song...and your photos are just gorgeous! Hope you have a wonderful weekend! :)
Pamela said…
Beautiful photos Becca! I love the one of the beach...being such a beach girl!!
Have a great weekend!
Pamela xo
Anonymous said…
Hello I am Leyla and I stumbled upon your place...beautiful blog you have here. I am looking forward to visiting again. I like Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel too!
Unknown said…
Very cool pictures my friend.. You are to clever with your music. Love it!
Stampindamour said…
These photos are gorgeous!!!! I think you've just inspired me to ask Santa for a Digital SLR for Xmas. :)

lilylovekin said…
This post is so much fun!! And the photos are gorgeous also.
Anonymous said…
Great post!

I have a friend who used to shoot with film. She STILL dislikes the results she gets with digital.

Brenda Pruitt said…
I so remember that song! Love the photos!
.Trudi Sissons said…
You had me singing along - what a great post and WHAT A GREAT CAMERA!!!! You give me the green of envy this summer day heh - a heh!!
I love this song! Your pictures are so pretty. I know I've said this before but you really are a very talented photographer. I was just getting caught up on some of your last posts. I love the pictures of your Mason jar with flowers.
Kat Ibáñez said…
Hi Becca! Saw your comment on Catherine and Banjo´s blog, your photos are so full of beauty, love the light and the richness of colours they have!!!

Hope you have a wonderful day!
Justine said…
thanks for visiting my blog, I am new to all of this so love it when people join and comment. Your photos are wonderful, do you just scan them onto your computer after you get them developed? the challenges are all great, I got a couple of them off Ashley Sick's blog, I see you have her button, it's all good fun and challenging.
Becca~these photos are stunning~ and I love the one with you holding the camera!
Susan Houseman said…
Absolutely love the tulips. Thanks for taking these beautiful pictures and sharing.
Jillayne said…
I was just explaining that song to one of my kids a couple of weeks ago - I love it! What a terrific post Becca!

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