On The Road Again

(Becky in the Red Ford Galaxy)

Well, it seems like we just got back from our vacation in the pacific northwest, and now we're off again for another few days to visit friends in California.  
I guess that's what "summer vacation" is all about.  
At first, I wasn't sure about all the "driving" we were going to do this summer, but as it turns out, it's kind of nice.  There's no worries about how much your luggage weighs, putting your liquids into 3oz containers, if your flight will be on time and whether or not you get a window seat. 
If you drive, you can take your time, bring a cooler, have a picnic along the way, bring as much "stuff" as you like, and best of all, you can always bet you'll get a window seat! 

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend, and I'll see you in a few days! 


Have a great time, Becca~ and that photo is adorable!
Unknown said…
Hope you have a great time.. Can't wait to see your picture. I have a strange feeling you will be take a whole lot of them.. He he.

Drive careful and we will see you when you get back!

Hugs, Linda
Pamela said…
Have a wonderful time in California Becca!
I love road trips...I think they're the best! Flying is such a pain now. And just think of all the great things you can find in California.
I love your photo...so cute!
Pamela xo
Catherine said…
Haha ~ excellent photo ~ love it!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend Becca!
xo Catherine

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