Antique Lace and other Vintage Eye Candy

It's so much fun when traveling to check out the local flea market and antique shops.
Here's just a few of my finds along the way.

I still have a few more "vintage treasures" that my sweet Aunt Betty gave me that I'll show you another time.  
For now, I hope everyone is having a nice week.
Is anyone else besides me looking forward to the weekend already?


Catherine said…
Some great finds you have Becca! I wish we had flea markets here. We only have one a year ~ not like other places where they have one every weekend to go to. :(

I too am looking forward to the weekend already ~ and it's only Tuesday morning! Why is it we spend most of our time wishing it away.... hmmmm....

I hope you are having a very nice week Becca!
xo Catherine
andrea creates said…
wow-what great goodies you've found :)
Anonymous said…
Beautiful photos, Becca! Love the music too. So soothing!
Love the lace and thread! Beautiful old things with stories to tell! Enjoy your week! ♥
Unknown said…
Hi Bec,
I just love all the wonderful lace.. and your pictures are so beautiful... Love them..
Jillayne said…
That lace is so beautiful and the embroidery thread. To tell the truth though, it's the labels on the thread that I really love! I never seem to get to places like that when we are on a drive as my husband has an aversion to stopping! Can't wait to see what you conjure up with your treasures Becca!
Numinosity said…
These pictures are great! I'm feeling a little envious at the moment. I have to wait until I get back to Arizona for the good finds. Alaska seems to be a little short in the good junk arena.
xoxo Kim
Pamela said…
HI Becca!!

I can't wait to see what you create with that beautiful lace!!
Pamela xo
Becca, Wow, the lace is gorgeous and your pictures are as well! Your kitties are so adorable!
Have a lovely Wednesday!
Kirsty Vittetoe said…
Hi Becca, it was nice meeting you today! I love those laces, need to go antique shopping someday with you!
Great goodies and I love the bike! And as usual, the photos are really special!
Dorthe said…
Hi Becca,
what wonderfull finds, love lace :),too ,and love your gorgeus photoes.
xo Dorthe
oldgreymare said…
Well howdy neighbor!

Thanks for stopping by oldgreymare and I have been wandering around here for a bit enjoying myself.

I must say however that sidebar photo of Shatzie is just too adorable!

Mary Ann said…
great vintage finds! hope your week is going great...verbena cotage
Brenda Pruitt said…
What wonderful treasures! You lucky girl!
beatrice De said…
Love the association bithween old lace and iron.

Did you pick up the photos on the end of afther noon, when the sun goes down ? Or you have a special lenz !?

Un etit bonjour de Lausanne.

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