Sunday, October 27, 2013

A World With Octobers

Beautiful Words...

"I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers."

L.M. Montgomery

I've been working on another collage on canvas with

teabags and leaves.

You might remember this one below, that I did a couple of years ago 

before we moved to Seattle.

This collage has special meaning to me.  

I remember picking up this larger than my hand, maple leaf 

while visiting Seattle on business and trying frantically to 

get it back home to Las Vegas without it getting

squished on the plane...because, "we might not get the job and

 get to move to Washington, and I won't get to experience 

this kind of autumn again for a really long time." 

Yea...silly huh, but that's what I was thinking.

Anyway...I digress...

When you're a kid from the desert, you get excited about 

stuff like this. 

So, here we are almost 2 years later, and I'm living in 

a world where there are "Octobers," and leaves...

lots of leaves! 


This time, I wanted an aqua background.  I used tea bags to take away 

some of the brightness of the paint. 

I'm excited to see where this one goes. 

Also wanted to show you a cute little crocheted border I added to 

a kitchen towel.

I found this nice tutorial HERE

Now I'm obsessed with adding crocheted borders to everything!  :-)

View from my desk.

So grateful to be living now, in a world where there are



Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Painting Leaves

Being inspired by all the colors of the 

season, I got out my watercolor paints 

to play.

Do you remember this post? 

Where I picked leaves and flowers and smashed them onto 

watercolor paper and fabric and some of the darker colors

printed right onto the paper.  So Fun! 

So, this time, I picked a few leaves and brought them in and painted them 

with watercolor paint and pressed them onto the paper. 

I think the Japanese Maple Leaf turned out the best print so far. 

I just kept repainting it with different colors.

An easy and fun way to make a greeting card or note.

This Japanese maple in our side yard has turned the most lovely 

golden yellow color. 

Directly across from it is another one but it's leaves are more reddish/orange, 

and it's where I got the leaf to make the print.

 I didn't take a photo of that tree, because sadly, it's starting to die and looks 

pretty scraggly. 

I think the weather here has been strange lately.  The evenings and mornings are 

VERY foggy which I think is pretty cool, 

then sun peeks out in the late afternoon for a few hours before it starts 

all over again. 

The strange part, is that we haven't had any rain in a while, and it's not in 

the forecast through the rest of October.

I hear November is the rainiest month anyway.  So, I'll continue to 

enjoy the colors of the leaves before the wind and rain blows 

them all away. 

I love this old school house on the corner of our street.

I took pictures of it in the spring too when this tree was

covered in pinkish white blossoms!  

I've been fighting with a cold for a while now that won't seem to 

go away, so there's been lots of hot tea, reading, crocheting, and napping going

on around here.  

So grateful I can just look out my door and walk around in my own yard 

and enjoy the beauty of this season!

Thanks for dropping by, 


Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Autumn's Glory

Fall color, it's everywhere! 

Whether it's just outside my door, driving on the freeways or simply 

walking around the neighborhoods,

I take note of it all, wherever I am.   I'm grateful for all of

Autumn's Glory!

On this day however, I visited the Japanese Garden here in Seattle. 

It was a rainy morning but promised sun in the afternoon which was 

exactly what I was looking for with my camera. 

A peaceful, zen like garden.

Sprinkling rain in the sunlight sparkles on the water.

This blue heron was still for so long, at first I thought it was a 

statue.  Turns out, he was just keeping an eye on me. 

As the sun came out, the colors looked even more saturated in the light.

Reflections in the water.

Lace Leaf Maple

I've been enjoying visiting some blogs and seeing your photos and activities 

this time of year.

I've crocheted a cowl scarf for a friend, a simple long scarf for myself, mason jar and 

candle cozies and still working on an afghan!  

What sorts of artsy craftsy goodness have you been up to? 


Saturday, October 5, 2013

October Happenings


My favorite month. 

Even when I lived in the Nevada desert I loved October. 

It's when things started to cool down from the hot summers. 

Now, even more than ever,  I love this season/month! 

This year, I made an autumn wreath for our front door. 

I am REALLY excited about decorating for fall. 

Even two of our cats fit into the colors of fall. 

There's been a lot of squirrel watching lately, 

...and bird watching, 

when it's not nap time.

...and burning beeswax candles and incense 

when it's damp and rainy outside. 

Even though today was beautiful and sunny, you can just feel it in the air 

that the colder, rainy weather is just around the corner. 

I hear that November is the wettest month around these parts. 

So, until then, I shall soak up the sun and play in the dirt 

when I have the opportunity. 

This is my neighbor and friend, Stephanie.

She lives across the street and 

 always looks so cute when she works in her garden.

Isn't her hat adorable?  

I looked at it more closely, and even though it's straw like material, 

it's crocheted!  

Those flowers are triple crocheted clusters!  

 Yes...I'm STILL crocheting...

working on a gift for a friend. 

However, I did break out the embroidery thread for a change too...

I'll tell you more about that later. 

Until then, 

I hope you are enjoying October so far. 

Have you started decorating yet?