Hello March

The calendar says it's March, but the rain and the 

chill in the air reminds me it's not 

quite Spring which gives me some time to work on 

a few more wearables for those future warmer days!

Thoughts of spring have inspired me to work with yarns and 

threads of linen and cotton.

(Although, the cozy wools still feel more comfy to me right now. )

This shawl is the Queen Anne Shawl and was a lovely pattern 

to work up, especially with linen. 

You can find the pattern HERE

I enjoyed it so much I'm thinking of crocheting another one in a 

different color. 

...and just a sneak peek of another Springtime shawl I'm working on that's 

crocheted with cotton.  

I've really been enjoying making shawls for those beautiful spring like days with sun yet you still 

need a little "touch of Cozy" in the shade. :-) 

Speaking of cozy...

Lucy does it right! 



Oh Lucy! That is the sweetest picture. She looks so cozy! Love all your projects. Your work and photos are always so gorgeous.
Beautiful projects, Becca...you do wonderful work! Lucy is adorable...
Radka said…
Beautiful shawl!
We had a wonderful warm day today, the first one, lunch on the bench in the garden; the world suddenly looks so much better :-)
Judy S. said…
Pretty! I think you'd also like the crocheted Queen Anne Scarf. Sure am glad you're not headed to Baltimore this week. I'll take rain over snow any day!
Unknown said…
Becca, this shawl is just beautiful.
I really love the pattern of stitches.
And oh my goodness, Lucy!
She is absolutely precious and looks so content in this photo.
Have a wonderful weekend!
Unknown said…
Hmm, I'm thinking I may have to do some spring shopping. Will you be selling your linen/cotton creations on Etsy? Beautiful work, as always. And Lucy is just so darn cute!

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