The Dog Days of Summer

I'm still here friends, and if you are here reading this, 

thanks for still being here!  

We've had an eventful summer so far with friends visiting from all over.

It's been fun catching up and showing them around Seattle. 

I've been pretty determined lately to do projects with the supplies I already have,

rather than spending money on stuff I don't really need. 

(although, there is an afghan I have a pattern for that I really

want to make, that I will need to buy

yarn for…eventually.  Lol) 

It's pretty nuts when I think about the stuff I already have in my craft room

to create.  

So, here's just a simple little flower necklace with buttons, and a star made of 

cotton yarn that would look cute on a package or strung up with a few more.

and here's my current afghan blanket project. 

This is yarn that I've had for believe it or not, about 10 years.

I found this lovely flower motif granny square.  I still have a few more squares to go, 

then I can start piecing it together!  Yay! 

 Summer here in Seattle is simply lovely.

 It rarely rains in the summertime though, and that would be my biggest 

complaint. I know, I know! …most people don't want the rain, but these dry, 

sunny, days for weeks at a time gets boring to me. :-)

(remember…I lived in a dry desert climate for 48 years) 

Although, this is perfect weather if you are on the water. 

 We've been enjoying taking a ferry and driving to different places in 

Washington that we've never been. 

Last week, we did some hiking at Hurricane Ridge in the Olympic National Park.

It was so beautiful…I wanted to run down this hill with my arms open singing 

"The Hills are Alive with the Sound of Music" 

The deer were everywhere, and seemed to enjoy 

the attention they were getting. 

We even saw some different wildlife right here at our house! 

I walked outside onto our deck one day and saw this Blue Heron sitting on 

the neighbor's roof!  

I like how his shadow looks in this shot. 

He was really keeping an eye on me from that safe distance. 

Port Townsend, Washington was another little stop we made for 

some oysters on the half shell and a beer.  This was the view 

from our spot on the outdoor patio. 

The temperature was perfect. 

This photo isn't great, but this was a beautiful little yarn shop in 

Port Townsend called 

I can't wait to go back to their store when I can spend more time in there! 

Check out their link, they even have a blog. 

 Well, I wanted to say hi and let you know a little bit about 

what I've been up to. 

How is your summer going? 



I love your summer life post, Becca...looks like you are enjoying life in Washington! I would really miss rain, too! Love your beautiful projects!
TexWisGirl said…
i love the little squares for your afghan. :) and some views of your area, too. missing rain - too cute of you.
Betty said…
I love those granny squares. I have crochet before, but only straight lines. Love your pictures of your trip. Washington is a pretty state.
Jillayne said…
Love that little button and flower necklace you're working on - so sweet!
It's hot and sunny here and I am ready for a rainy day but there are none in the offing - it's clear sailing for two more weeks apparently - ouch!
The pictures you took of the mountains etc. are gorgeous - no wonder you wanted to run free...
andrea creates said…
oh wow, what beautiful photos! i really like the sweet deer and the one on the water with the cityscape in the background.
that yarn store looks great!! :)
andrea creates said…
oh wow, what beautiful photos! i really like the sweet deer and the one on the water with the cityscape in the background.
that yarn store looks great!! :)
Janine said…
I can see why you wanted to run and sing. Those mountains are beautiful!!! Lovely photos. Sounds like you are having a great summer. I so enjoy seeing your projects!
Lady Locust said…
Beautiful! Have to share - I made my very first granny square. 3 actually. So how do you get the thread through the buttons? Very fine hook? I love that trim.
Anonymous said…
Seattle seems like such a dream home for you...So glad you are so happy. What a great yarn shop in Port Townsend. Love taking the ferries and exploring. Maybe a Seattle trip is in order for 2015. xox
Judy S. said…
Glad you made it up to Hurricane Ridge! Loved seeing your photos, especially the shadow-heron. Did you decide to add some colored granny squares to your afghan? That flowered chain would look great on the brim of a straw hat!
CarolHart said…
Love that flower necklace! The weather has been amazing & we too have had visitors so blogging has been at the bottom of my list. Will have to get back to it soon. Great post of yours. Cheers!
Kate said…
What lovely photos! Looks like you're having a great summer so far! That photo with the flowers, hill, and snowy mountains in the back is just gorgeous!! Your crochet projects are beautiful as well, and I can't wait to see that afghan put together!
Kate :}
Unknown said…
It all looks like fun Becca! I for one love the sunny mornings/days/evenings and the warmer the better. I'll be sad when clouds return this weekend as they're predicting ... Oh well ... LOVE the shadow of the heron - great capture!
Tracy said…
Hi, Becca! So nice to catch up with you here and all your summer doings! I'm not online as much at the moment--soaking in summer! ;O) LOVE, love, love the delicate crochet & button necklace--**BIG SWOON* Your granny blanket is going to be sooo lovely... I like that almost buttercream color yarn! I've been itching to do another crochet blanket, but have been resisting as it would be buying more yarn. And like you, I've been determined this year to use more of my stash than stash more... LOL! That yarn shop looks dangerously fantastic & tempting! What a wonder is the Olympic Nat'l Park! LOVE the pic with the deer and wild flowers. Wishing more HAPPY SUMMER DAYS ((HUGS)) P.S. Should you dip into sewing, let me know... glad to help! :o)
Lorraine said…
hello becca..beautiful crochet projects here I really like that flower one..great photos too
How's work on that blanket going? It is going to be gorgeous when you get it all together. Beautiful area where you are ... hiking is my favorite thing to do. And that yarn shop looks fabulous. Best wishes, Tammy

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