A Little Steampunk Fix

Hi everyone!  

No soft and fluffy yarn and crochet in today's post.  

Instead, I thought I'd give you a little bit of rust or you might say, 

Steampunk heaven in Seattle. 

Welcome to Gasworks Park

When we moved to Seattle,  the first time I noticed this park was from a boat on 

Lake Union.  

We were out with friends touring the area in a boat where the floating homes are, 

and I saw this beautiful hilly, grassy area with some kind of strange, rusty

looking industrial stuff. 

In the summer, people are out flying kites, having picnics or just hanging 

out on the grass here.  It's such a beautiful view of the city. 

I happend to drive over on a cloudy day, so the views of the city were 

not so great.  Still, in January I met a few people out with their 

dogs throwing frisbees!  

The grass is lovely, even in winter, and there are paths all the way 

to the top of the hill. 

This is what I found when I got to the top. 

A beautiful Sundial! 

I had a great time just walking around, 

so many interesting things to see. 

So, I'll leave the rest up to you if you want to know a little more 

about this historical place.  Just click on the link I put in the 

beginning of my post. 

If anything…just go to the link and scroll down to see a really 

cool panorama view of this place in the summer…it's a cool shot! 

 I hope you enjoyed my little 

Steampunk fun today. 

I'm now off to work on a new 

baby afghan I'm crocheting for a friend. 




TexWisGirl said…
unique, for sure, but glad it is utilized by the public! (and their pups).
Catherine said…
LOOK AT YOUR GREEN!!! Green grass in January... OK... I need to move to Seattle...totally jealous!
Cool park!
xo Catherine
20 North Ora said…
I was in Seattle this summer and it is a gorgeous place. Lucky you.

20 North Ora said…
PS - I am your newest follower!

Judy S. said…
Hi Becca,

We've not been to Gasworks for years, not since the kids were small. So, thanks for the reminder of what a fun place it is! Great photos, too!
Janine said…
That was so interesting! And your photos are awesome,
Lisa Gordon said…
These are great, Becca.
It must have been so much fun to explore here.

Happy day to you!
Kate said…
So cool! I love the contrast of that bright green grass and the rust! Thanks for sharing!!
Kate :}
Lisa Graham said…
You can even make steampunk look pretty with your camera Becca. Neat place! :)
CarolHart said…
Great photos Becca. I just love Gasworks Park. So much eye candy for the photographer, including the view of the city. Hope you are enjoying the rain as much as we are. We sure needed it. Are you seeing buds on your plants yet? We are. Exciting!
Rosie Grey said…
How gorgeous, Becca! Thanks for taking me around! It must have been fun to explore this place!
Have a wonderful rest of the week!
Unknown said…
This looks like a wonderful place to visit. I love steampunk!
Anonymous said…
Cool place, that sundial is quite spectacular. xox
Pamela said…
Very cool place Becca! I love your photos and I love your new header!!
You are very happy in your new city it shows!!!
Pamela xo
Fiquei fã.Vou seguir.
Boa semana.
Hi Becca, what a long time it's been. Your images are as always amazing. Xox
Unknown said…
Looks like such a cool place. The green grass looks so pretty. Loving your photos my friend.

Anonymous said…
really neat sundial. What time did it say it was?
Caterina Giglio said…
love seeing your work and process... and sometimes it is good to embrace what comes naturally... what would happen if you "stayed inside the lines"?
Uhu work said…
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