Santa Claus is coming to town!

Maybe some of us weren't exactly thrilled about sitting on Santa's lap and telling him all of our wishes when we were this age.  From the look on my face I can't say that I really trusted the old guy, but some how on Christmas day it all seemed magical.
I hope this Christmas brings something "magical" your way.

This is a framed picture I've had for some time now.  I can't really give credit where credit is due because I don't see a name, but I do love the colors and this image of St. Nick.
Only 3 more days!  Have a blessed Christmas.


Unknown said…
Your look so sweet and so cute there on
Santa's lap. What happened. haha..
Just kidding you still are very sweet
and very pretty..

I tried looking thru my old picture, the quality is so bad. I don't even know if they will scan!

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